first-time homeowner 

Essentials for a first-time homeowner  

Sunday 23rd Jan 2022 |

Moving into a new house can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first one. There’s so much to think about – between paperwork, keys and endless storage boxes. Don’t forget to enjoy the experience and soak in all the memories.   

We made a list of handy items you will need when you first move in.  

Essentials for a first-time homeowner   – Cleaning essentials  

You will spend your first-day unloading boxes into the house and cleaning different areas. Remember, this house is completely empty, and you will need basics like toilet roll and washing up liquid. You need some cleaning essentials, like a mop and bucket, sweeping brush, disinfectant spray and microfibre cloths. You will make a mess as you unpack the boxes. Hang a bin bag on the kitchen door handle until you can unpack your bun.  

Essentials for a first-time homeowner   – Food 

Moving is hard work, and you will be starving at the end of the day. Buy some snacks to keep your energy up throughout the day – such as doughnuts, crisps, fruit and nuts. Order a takeaway to celebrate the momentous achievement at the end of the day.  

Essentials for a first-time homeowner   – Cooking essentials 

 Make sure your kitchen essentials are in labelled boxes so you can easily find them. You will need pots, pans, cutlery, plates and a toaster and kettle. Unpack the kitchen first so you can eat and hang out in a room that’s completely free of boxes. Walking around your new home without a clean space insight can be very stressful.  

Essentials for a first-time homeowner   – Other essentials  

You won’t have all the essentials straight away. For example, you may need a toolbox filled with all different kinds of nails and screws alongside a stepladder for minor fixes around the property. Or to build any flat pack furniture you have. 

Essentials for a first-time homeowner   – Your bedding 

You should make your bed ahead of time. You will crash at the end of the day and need somewhere to rest your head. It doesn’t matter if there are boxes all around the bed – you just need one place to sleep and relax.  

Essentials for a first-time homeowner   – Furniture 

Most people buy furniture after they have moved in to get a feel for the place. You may have existing furniture from your old home that you can use for the time being. The movers may help you set up the furniture, so it’s ready to go. After a few months, you will identify where you need a few extra pieces of furniture. For example, you may need more storage in the bedrooms or more shelving in the dining room. Make a note on your phone and keep track of your décor thoughts.  

Essentials for a first-time homeowner   – Pack a suitcase 

Pack a small suitcase with your essential toiletries, first aid kit, and clothing for the next few days. You don’t need to worry about finding everything in different boxes when it’s all in one place. You can feel at home straight away and rest easy.  You will never forget moving into your first home. 

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