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Decorating Your Home From Scratch: A Practical Guide For New Homeowners 

Wednesday 13th Apr 2022 |

If you have recently moved into a new home, you may be staring nervously at the empty walls and rooms and wondering where to begin with decoration. Although it may seem overwhelming at first, decorating your home from scratch doesn’t have to be difficult.

With a few easy and simple solutions, you will learn how to play to your home’s strengths, hide its flaws, and make it inviting and appealing to everyone. Today we will cover some key decorating techniques you can follow to freshen up the rooms in your new home. 

Define Your Style 

The first essential step when Decorating Your Home is to decide on an overall vision for your home. Ensure you are clear on your personal design preferences and decorating style so that you do not get distracted or confused by other styles during this process. If you are unsure of your decorating style, take some time to explore different options, such as transitional, contemporary, farmhouse, boho, and others. Although it is not necessary to choose a single style, it is key to think about what you like and how you want your house to look and feel. 

Start With Larger Pieces 

Decorating Your HomeIt is recommended to choose the large pieces in your home before you layer in accessories. For example, you can get a corner sofa from Denelli Italia to ensure ultimate comfort in your living room. Moreover, a leather corner sofa is an efficient use of your space, as it would fit neatly into your room layout, without leaving any gaps. Due to its sizeable nature, a corner sofa can be the perfect focal point in your living room design. Therefore, this will allow you to explore a range of distinctive styles and find the right accessories to complete the look of your home. 

Visualise With Mood Boards 

To help you organise your ideas for each room, you may want to use mood boards. You can start with the most used rooms, such as the bedroom, kitchen, and living room. Whether you prefer to focus on one room at a time or you enjoy working on several different rooms, you will need some inspiration. Creating a mood board is a great way to establish a strong foundation and imagine the end result. It will enable you to collect your ideas, colour schemes, and moods in one place, which can be a constant source of inspiration. 

Choose A Colour Scheme 

Once you have established your style and overall concept, it may be helpful to think about your colour scheme. Consider whether you would prefer warmer tones, cooler shades, or bold colours. Regardless of your preference, making your home flow from room to room is essential. This means that choosing one colour or a few similar ones will ensure a cohesive design, eliminating the need to navigate between various paint swatches. Essentially, there shouldn’t be a jarring sensation when you move from one room to the next one. Moreover, neutral walls will give you the opportunity to switch between different accessories. 

Determine The Function Of Each Room 

Another key consideration to make before Decorating Your Home and committing to a particular design is to determine how each room will be used. This will help you begin the decorating process with intention and specific goals in mind. For example, think about whether your living room will simply be a place to unwind and watch TV. It is possible that you may need to add the function of a home office or a playroom. The same principle applies to other rooms, such as your bedroom. Consider whether it will be only a place to sleep and rest or if you will also watch TV there. 

Select The Right Window Treatments 

Window treatments are a major design element in any room, and you will need to consider your overall design style. These panels of fabric will play a big role in a room’s unity and help set the tone. Even if your design preferences evolve, window treatments should last a lifetime. Therefore, ensuring quality fabric and custom sizing will allow you to invest only once in your window coverings. In general, the shape and size of your windows will determine which type of window treatments look best. While shades may be more suitable for small windows, drapes look best when hanging over wide and tall windows. 

Set The Tone With The Front Door 

Painting the front door a fun and glossy hue will ensure your home makes a great first impression. Some suitable choices include red, yellow, and orange, as they are all associated with joy and warmth. You may also want to add some finishing touches, such as a decorative name plaque on your wall, which will make sure your number is visible. Don’t forget to keep your front door in perfect condition as time goes on. It may be beneficial to clean and scrub it regularly using a diluted household cleaner to remove dirt and grease.  

Layer Your Lighting 

Decorating Your HomeLighting is a crucial aspect in any home, and each room will have a unique set of considerations. For example, lighting your kitchen well requires flexibility to ensure even light distribution. You will need to have a combination of task, accent, and ambient lighting to offer the right level of brightness for different tasks. Similarly, it is important to manage bedroom lighting correctly to make it easier to wake up in the morning. Be sure to layer different lighting solutions, including table and floor lamps and ceiling lights. 

Use Mirrors To Brighten Your Home 

Mirrors are more than just a practical object, as they can create interesting reflections and frame views. For example, to increase the amount of natural light inside, you can simply place a mirror opposite a window. Even if the sky is gloomy, it will still harness any available daylight. Also, the bigger the mirror, the larger and brighter the room will feel. In addition, mirrors can also be used as a focal point and serve as decorative art in your home. Moreover, placement and positioning are always open to interpretation, meaning you can experiment with different shapes and symmetry. 

Display Interesting Artwork 

Artwork is one of the best solutions for every blank space in your home. For example, you can create a gallery of assorted old frames. All you need to do is give them a quick makeover by painting them the same colour or coordinating their colour scheme. Then you can hang them in a gallery on your wall using a variety of sizes. If you have a large blank space, you may consider hanging a collection of art on a tight grid. This technique will work best with travel photography, as each piece can be its own stunning piece of art. 

Add Rugs To Create Warmth 

Finally, when Decorating Your Home, adding rugs will not only bring in the necessary homeliness and warmth, but it will also help tie together your room design and colour scheme. Rugs can be used to divide large spaces into cosier areas or tone down an otherwise cluttered space. They can also add an extra layer of protection to your floors, which makes them ideal for busy areas, such as hallways and living rooms. Check out the different considerations that will help you find the best rug for your home. Your style will depend on your personal preference and what suits your interior design. 

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