Common Pitfalls To Avoid When Moving Into Your New Home 

Friday 21st Jan 2022 |

The process of owning your own home can be fraught with worry. You first have to work to get your deposit together, deal with all the legal complications and then sort out a large move. Every step is a challenge, but it is all worth it in the end. 

While the journey comes to the end once you finally settle into your new home, there are still some things that can raise concerns. Follow the advice in this article to educate yourself about the common pitfalls to avoid when you finally move into your own home. 

Removing Bedrooms 

Most people being their home-owning life after they have met their partner. Combining both incomes makes saving the money for a house and paying a mortgage so much easier, which is why long-term couples are the number one buyer on the housing market. However, most homes have a lot more space than the two of you need. 

One of the first steps people take when moving in with their partner is renovating any extra bedrooms. While you might not need these rooms in the present, it is worth knowing that the number of bedrooms in a house can affect its resale value. You will want to make sure that these rooms are on display as a bedroom when it comes to selling up and moving. Furthermore, you may want to expand your family, which means the extra room is always going to be handy. In summary, try to keep all extra bedrooms intact for as long as possible and search for renovation space elsewhere. 

Don’t Rush Into Things 

There is a lot of work to be done before you move into your first home and a good conveyancing solicitor will highlight any issues that need addressing before you move in. If your house survey comes up empty, the chances are that you have invested in the wrong solicitor. Every house has problems to address, so make sure that you use a comparison site like Conveyancing Store to compare conveyancing solicitors.  

Only when you compare conveyancing solicitors can you find all of the issues that need to be addressed by the previous owner. There is no need to fret about these problems. It is better to find and deal with them before moving in than to discover them later. Take your time and trust the process to avoid any structural troubles falling into your lap. 

Don’t Ignore Small Issues 

The job of a house survey is to highlight any major issues that can make the house unliveable, or cost the new owner too much to fix. Any other maintenance issues will not be highlighted and are open for you to discover yourself. 

There are always going to be small upkeep problems that emerge during your time in a new home, but it is important to address these straight away. They may not affect your daily life at present; however, ignoring them can allow the problem to get worse. Try to keep on top of these issues to avoid any huge maintenance bills. 


These are just a few pitfalls that you can avoid when moving into your new home. Most house purchases go off without a hitch, but at least now you can be prepared for the worst. Remember these tips to protect yourself during the home-buying experience. 

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