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Monday 29th Nov 2021 |

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, millions of people up and down the UK will rightfully be dreaming of that next dose of vitamin sea or melatonin boost. Perhaps a week or two on a pristine beach with crystalline waters or a secluded escape discovering a far-flung city – either option beats the dreary weather left for those at home.

Thankfully, ToursByLocals are on hand to show us the light (literally). ToursByLocals have handpicked an incredible range of private and customisable tours from some of the UK’s favourite winter sun destinations that will happily see travellers through November to the end of March (and possibly even April, weather dependent)!

All tours are led by expert local guides and allow curious travellers to roam as ‘insiders’ in destinations and explore places that the guidebooks won’t tell them about – ensuring travellers won’t just be returning home with a tan, but with memories for a lifetime.

Explore ancient temples and markets in Bangkok

Having just reopened again to international visitors, Thailand is sure to be a popular destination this coming season with high temperatures over the winter months. To compliment the incredible weather, travellers should match their visit with a custom-made private tour of Bangkok – Thailand’s biggest and brightest city.

Led by local guide Jay, this full-day adventure will include some of the must-see sites in the city and visitors can add as many elements to the day as they wish. Groups can admire the magnificence of the Grand Palace, one of the most impressive palaces in the world, and the temple of the Emerald Buddha. Here travellers will take in the smell of thousands of Lotus flowers and observe traditional ceremonies that take place – they should be prepared to be adorned with garlands of flowers as the people of the temple welcome them in.

Jay will then take her tour to the vibrant Bangkok local markets and backstreets to sample classic cuisine and witness everyday life for many people in the city. Along the way Jay is able to provide incredible detail of the history of the area and how things compare in modern Thailand.

Travellers can also incorporate local boat rides and tuk-tuk sightseeing adventures or other attractions such as the Jim Thompson House Museum comprising of a vast art collection.

ToursByLocals ( offers the 8-hour Bangkok Custom Made Private Tour for £313 for a group of four people (prices vary on group size). The tour includes guiding services, private transportation. Extra costs include, personal expenses, food and admission tickets.

Go island hopping on a private boat tour in the Bahamas

If it’s sun, sand and picturesque views that travellers are after this winter – look no further than this incredible private speedboat tour in the Bahamas. Groups will join local guide and skipper Marvin who will whisk them away all over paradise on their very own speedboat. As part of this unique experience, Marvin ventures to the more secret parts of the islands that only the locals know about.

There will be time for snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters where groups will be met by turtles and the colourful aquatic life of the reefs. The tour also includes a voyage over to another picturesque island which hosts the world-famous Atlantis Bahamas as well as spectacular houses owned by various celebrities.

For those adventurous enough, lunch will also include an island delicacy, conch. Groups can experience life as a local by taking the conch out of the shell, seasoning and enjoying the freshest and best tasting aphrodisiac they will ever try!

ToursByLocals ( offers the four-hour Private Island Hopping Boat Tour from Nassau, Bahamas for £869 for a group of five. The tour includes guiding services, private transportation. Extra costs include, personal expenses and food.

Traverse the Mergouza Desert and embrace the culture of Morocco

Expert tour guide and local called Hachem invites travellers to visit his hometown of Errachidia, a place he holds very close to his heart. After picking travellers up from their hotel, Hachem will lead groups on an SUV tour to see the many faces of the desert and sand dunes that surround the area. With average highs of 20 degrees, this is a very pleasant time to experience the desert and its secrets.

Along the way, groups will immerse themselves in local culture by visiting the nearby markets, sampling the classic cuisine and even visiting the nearby caves that are home to fossils dating back millions of years. This unique insight into Moroccan culture continues with a visit to the Moulay Ali Cherif Mausoleum – the final resting place of the founder of the (current) Moroccan Alawite dynasty.

ToursByLocals ( offers the seven-hour Full-day Adventure with SUV from Erfoud to the Desert Area for £308 for a group of four. The tour includes guiding services, private transportation. Extra costs include, personal expenses and food.

Enjoy classic Puebla Street food in Sunny Mexico

The removal of the UK’s red list, amazing winter destinations such as Mexico are now a reality once again. Mexico is known for its gorgeous weather and vibrant community but above all is its amazing food. It’s hard to think of a more colourful culinary scene than that of Mexico’s and this delightful tour of Puebla will be sure to have holidaymakers dreaming of setting foot in the Mexican city as soon as possible. Puebla is famed for its ambitious cuisine and historic centre which is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

Alejandra, a Puebla state local and accredited guide invites visitors to join her on this delicious street tour. Groups will be making their way through numerous local eats and family run restaurants sampling the food that put the city on the map such as Taco Arabe, Cemita and Molote.

Along the way, travellers will lean about the history of the food and the secrets to making the best mole and chiles en nogada. The tours ends with a sweet shot of Pasita, a local delicacy and one of the oldest traditional liquors in the city.

ToursByLocals ( offers the two and a half-hour Street Food Tour of Puebla for £139 per group, for up to two people. The tour includes guiding services, private transportation, and food. Extra costs include personal expenses.

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