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Challenges Of The Market For Initial Coin Offering 

Saturday 30th Apr 2022 |

The ICO or  Initial Coin Offering symbolises an innovative financial solution to the traders.  This has been successful in generating high trust among the market players. But several developments like the decrease of First YoY in the year 2019 offered a big jolt to the ICO and raised questions on the future of ICO. 

Will  ICOs remain a powerful force or they will topple down in the years to come? – we will discuss all of that throughout this very article.  But, if you are a Crypto trader, you could always buy siacoin in the uk to accelerate your business profits.   

What’s Initial Coin Offering?  

Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) is something equivalent to Initial Public Offering (IPO). When a company wants to raise money to create a new Cryptocoin, service, or app it launches an ICO to raise the required money. Buyers will have to buy the  Initial Coin Offering in order to receive a  token of Cryptocurrency that the company issues. This token represents the stake in the company. In recent times Investors have shown interest in buying the ICOs because the return is strong. But recent fraudulent cases really acted as a question mark on the tomorrow of ICOs. In order to partake in the purchase of a more established digital currency, you need to consult some experts. Moreover, you must also possess basic knowledge and understanding of Cryptocurrency Exchange.  

Challenges Of The Market  

There are certain challenges hurled to ICOs from the markets. ICOs have indeed turned out to be a risky element as found in some recent studies.  

Finding the Right Audience  

The biggest challenge that comes with ICOs is finding the right audience. This is because the information shared or the guarantee that is provided through the offering somehow is not able to generate interest. Therefore there is leniency toward other modes of Transaction.  

The Tragedy Of The Commons  

There has always been a tug of war between the honest Blockchain developers and the scammers that are waiting for its fraudulent measures. Through fraudulent measures and exploiting technology, they tend to raise questions about the legitimacy of the service. The traditional financial intermediaries are concerned with the financial source, the imposition of the mandatory contributions act to make ICO at risk. Consequently, the market records inconsistencies of the ICO agents and thus exposes the frailties of the said system. 

 Low Success Rate of the ICO projects 

A low success rate has also been a real problem for the ICOs. While the companies, in recent times, opted for ICOs in order to extract money from the market, investors are showing some lesser interest. 

This is because there has been an ample trust deficit that the investors faced from the following network. Consequently, many ICO projects went into a fiasco as the companies were unable to generate funds to create Crypto coins. 

Scams, Deceit, Manipulations 

Fraud has been one of the biggest challenges and threats to the Blockchain community. There have been instances of fraud recorded in the ICO market. 

This implies further regulatory actions and the protection of the investors are in question. In the case of Bitcoins, the weight of the Criminal Transactions is not relatively high. It could be highlighted that Ponzi Schemes’ contacts have turned out to be highly vulnerable.  

Hacking Attacks 

There have been instances of hacking which has made ICO vulnerable. The most notorious hackers are those that perform illegal actions or outright thefts. One more complexity that has crept into the system is the white hacks. These white hacks are employed currently by software auditors and testers.  Altcoin dash also goes on to keep white hackers from hacking the Blockchain in order to understand the complexities and vulnerability. Even the actions undertaken by white hacks have turned out to be highly notorious in the ecosystem of the Blockchain. While the efficacies of white hacking can not be put into question but their use to mitigate the thefts, as well as frauds, could be put to question. 


There has been a real problem so far as Transparency, and Acceptability of the  ICOs are concerned. Notwithstanding the huge benefits that are extracted from ICOs, the ecosystem comes under question all the time and no matter why the system has not really been so successful.  

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