CBD Flower; What You Need To Know

Thursday 14th Oct 2021 |

CBD flowers have grown in popularity over the years and become the newest trend for those who use CBD, whether out of enjoyment or to treat ailments.

If you’re new to CBD flowers, you may have noticed how similar it looks to marijuana, and this is because it comes from the hemp plant, which is part of the same cannabis family. If you’re interested in using CBD flowers, we’re here to help. Our guide will cover everything you need to know.

 Hemp Vs Marijuana Flowers 

As mentioned, hemp and marijuana are both part of the same plant family; Cannabaceae. However, they differ from each other due to the level of THC found in the plants. Marijuana is typically used by those looking for psychoactive sensations as it has a high amount of THC, whereas hemp has very little THC and most products made from the plant contain less than 0.3% THC. 

It’s legal

In the UK, CBD flower for sale is only legal if packaged and sold for use as a food substance. This is why you can only buy flower that is sold for use as a hemp tea product, which meets the exemption criteria under regulation 2 of the MDR2001. In lamens terms, because the hemp flower’s intended use is to make tea (and cannabinoids are not activated when brewed in hot water), it’s exempt from other rules and regulations that usually surround CBD products.

Its Non-Psychedelic 

CBD flowers will not cause a high, but most people do enjoy a calming effect when they use the flowers. We’ve already mentioned the difference in THC between marijuana and hemp, but there is also a legal difference as many countries prohibit the use of marijuana while hemp is still legal to use. Many companies also began cultivating hemp plants with lower THC and higher CBD, which provide them with more product after extraction. 

The Medical Benefits 

CBD flowers are typically used for their medical benefits rather than for recreational reasons. Often used to reduce anxiety and depression, CBD flowers have also been found useful when treating inflammation, migraines, and chronic pain; some current studies are even looking into CBD as a possible drug to treat schizophrenia.  

Due to the popularity of CBD in general, medical science researchers have been rushing to understand the benefits more clearly, with many studies being conducted around the world. There are many proven benefits for CBD, but there is more research need on larger scales to understand the full scope of what CBD can do for individuals. However, it should be noted that this is a relatively new medicine, which means it’s important to exercise caution when trying them as a treatment and speak to your doctor before you come off any prescribed drugs. 

cbd flowerThe Right Seller 

As with any product you buy, you shouldn’t pick up your CBD flowers from just anywhere. In many countries, the laws surrounding CBD is are rigid and require products to contain no more than 0.3% THC; some countries state that products must be completely free of THC entirely. The seller you chose should have the levels of THC in their products clearly labelled in order to help you make the right choice without risking breaking the law in your country. If you’re looking for more information and to buy your CBD flowers from a reputable source, head over to 321 CBD. At 321CBD, you can find a wide range of CBD flowers with many flavour combinations to suit everyone. 

Consuming CBD Flower 

In the past, many people would smoke the flower as they would with those from a marijuana plant, either by using a pipe or rolling it in paper. However, the best way to use CBD flowers is through vapourisation.  

In recent years, vaping has become increasingly popular for many tobacco smokers looking for a better alternative, but it has also grown in popularity for those consuming CBD flowers. You can dry vape high quality sweetened CBD flowers, producing a fantastic and tasty experience for users. Vaping CBD flowers also increases the absorption of the CBD directly into the bloodstream. 

CBD flowers can also be ingested, with many people creating edibles or gummies from the flowers, moulds and other basic ingredients for on the go use without needing to find an appropriate place to vape. Additionally, people incorporate their CBD flowers in other foods such as cookies, pastries, soup or even tea.  

The list of ways you can consume and enjoy CBD are endless, with people coming up with new recipes every day, but for the best effects, most people still prefer to vape their CBD flowers.  

Looks Matter 

 Many people assume that how the CBD flowers look doesn’t matter when they are new to the world of CBD, especially as it is intended for consumption. However, understanding how your CBD flowers should look is vital to ensure you get the best quality product.  

The simplest way to know if your  flowers will be potent is if they have a pleasing appearance. If the flowers are dry, dull, and powdery, it most likely has a lower CBD content, and in order to get your money’s worth, you will want high-quality flowers that provide the best results. Lower quality flowers are better suited for extraction than consumption. 

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