Hemp Face Cream

Can Hemp Face Cream Reduce My Wrinkles? Yes It Can! 

Thursday 14th Apr 2022 |

How does hemp face cream work? If you have tried many of the different face cream options, you have probably realized that many of them don’t work.  

Many face cream manufacturers make fantastic claims when it comes to the effectiveness of their face creams. In many ways, you can say that they try to blind you with science. One of their favorite statements is that your skin will feel “tighter” and firmer after you have tried their brand.  

There is a very good reason why your skin feels firmer after you have used what is best described as a conventional face cream. The main ingredient in many of them is some form of alcohol. It is the tightening effect of the alcohol that makes your skin feel tighter and firmer.  

Hemp Face Cream VS Conventional Face Cream 

Unlike a hemp face cream, a regular face cream will not feed your skin. As it is likely to be rich in alcohol, it will dry out your skin. Instead of doing your skin good, it can do your skin more harm.  

As it dries out your skin, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines increase. You become frustrated and go on the hunt for another skin cream. This is why so many ladies end up spending a small fortune on skincare products.  

What they are in fact doing is buying products that do not have any natural benefit. This is where hemp face cream comes the natural alternative.  

How Does a Hemp Face Cream Work?  

Once you have started using a hemp based face cream, you will notice an improvement in the condition of your skin.  

Most hemp face creams are rich in the essential fatty acids found in hemp. This natural herb is one of the few natural products that contains the natural oils we need to feed our skin.  

As the product is based on natural ingredients, the skin absorbs the active ingredients much easier. When it comes to conventional skin creams, most of the time what your skin absorbs is the alcohol contained in the product.  

Are Hemp Face Cream Safe to Use?  

Compared to many of the skincare products and creams available in stores, hemp face creams are much safer to use. Read the label and you will find that your hemp skin cream probably does not contain parabens.  

What are parabens? They are derivatives from the petro-chemical industry. When you look at parabens under a microscope, they look like small crystals. That is exactly what they are. 

Unfortunately, these small crystals stay on top of your skin and make skin damage from UV rays worse.  

A natural hemp face cream will work its way into the skin and start doing good from the inside out. It is a bit like eating avocados. When you eat avocados, the natural oils in the flesh are released into the bloodstream and start to improve the micro-circulation in the skin.  

Interestingly enough, that is exactly what the active compounds in hemp do.  

How Does Hemp Get Rid of My Wrinkles?  

When it comes to reducing the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet, hemp works in two ways.  

First of all, it helps to moisturize the skin naturally. Natural moisture is easily absorbed by the skin and works its way through all of the layers of the skin. To manage wrinkles, the skin needs to heal itself from the inside. As it does so, the appearance of wrinkles and lines are reduced.  

Hemp also increases the micro-circulation in all of the layers of the skin. One of the main reasons we end up with wrinkles is because micro-circulation is reduced as we age. When we stimulate the skin’s circulation, we quickly see an improvement in the skin’s general appearance.  

For instance, dark circles around the eyes are caused by poor circulation. Hemp face cream can give your skin a healthy glow. This is a further indication that the micro blood circulation in your skin has improved.  


A natural hemp face cream is a long term safe solution when you want to look after your skin. Not only should you use it on your face. It is also a safe option for the neck, chest and cleavage area which is another area of concern for many ladies.