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Buying Blinds For Windows – 5 Things You Must Consider 

Tuesday 07th Jun 2022 |

When it comes to choosing a window treatment, it’s always best to opt for a blind rather than going for a simple shade, you know. I mean, they look much more sophisticated from almost each and every viewpoint out there.  

In addition, if you’re looking for style or privacy, there’s literally nothing that can beat the visually-elusive aura of blinds for windows. 

However, there’s a catch. 

With so many types of blinds available out there, finding the most suitable one wouldn’t be an open-and-shut deal for you. And, if you aren’t really a style-conscious person, choosing an aesthetic-centric model might be a little tricky for you. 

But, there’s no need to worry!  

In this article, I have shared everything you need to know regarding buying a blind or two for your sweet, sweet home. So, without making any further ado, let’s begin!  

Wait, What’s The Difference Between Shades And Blinds? 

Ah, yes. 

Before I begin with the main course, let me tell you about how you can differentiate a blind from a shade. So, in my experience, the difference between the aforementioned two lies upon the aspect of material.  

For example, a blind is generally curated with metal, wood, or a composite substance. Hence, they usually come with a “hard-headed” look.  

Conversely, a shade is usually created with soft fabrics. Therefore, they mostly emit a softer and warmer feel and, therefore, can go with a vibrantly-hued room. 

So, How Do You Buy A Blind, Then? 

Now that I’ve put the elephant out of the room, let’s focus on the answer you’re looking for. So, what should you consider when buying a blind? Surely, the colour of the same won’t be the only aspect you should focus on, right? 

Yes. When it comes to buying a blind (that will potentially improve the look of your home), you have to make a few considerations. Let’s keep reading to learn more about them. 

Consideration – 1: Light And Privacy 

Due to having a thick structure, the blinds can prevent sunlight from coming through in your room. And, obviously, you can keep the prying eyes off of your private stuff with them too. But, for that, you’ll need to choose the right thickness or colour of the product. I mean, there are loads of different options available out there. So, choose wisely. 

Consideration – 2: Safety  

It might sound unbelievable, but installing a cord-based blind in your house can increase the risk of your kids getting strangled with it. Hence, if you have some tiny ones running around your house, it’s best to opt for a cordless model. They might be a little bit more expensive in terms of pricing, but they’re a much safer option, on the flipside. 

Consideration – 3: Your Budget  

When you’re shopping for blinds, your budget can cause a roadblock to the path of achieving your dream aesthetic. So, I’ll ask you to plan how much you can spend beforehand and then make a move in the market. Just remember, they might seem a little pricey at first, but for the long run, they’re much better than shades. So, try not to spare any expenses with them. 

Consideration – 4: Cleaning  

Unlike shades, blinds usually don’t need professional cleaning. However, they can pose as a dust magnet, depending on where you live. Hence, if you’ve free time, I’ll suggest you use a duster to clean the same regularly. And, if you feel like the blinds look too dirty, throw them into your washing machine and “heavy-wash” them. 

Consideration – 5: Home Decor 

You’ll want your blinds to improve the aesthetic of your home decoration. So, it’s a must that you choose the right colour to go with the warmth that your house proposes. For example, my room has a neutral and earthy feel to it. Hence, to make up for it, I’ve gone with a subtle hue. But, if you want to make it a little more dramatic or fun, you can go with a bold shade too. 

But, What About The Types? 

Honestly, this is yet another aspect that you need to consider when buying a blind. However, I didn’t put it in the previous section because I have loads to tell you here.  

Now, as far as I have seen, you will find two different types of window blinds in the market. And, each of them is quite beneficial for different prospects.  

So, let’s know a little more about them. 

Wood Blind 

A wood blind is all about offering a sweet mix of darker and lighter shade with a painted or polished finish. Due to this reason, they can be perfect for an official or organisational aspect.  

You shouldn’t hang them up in your bathroom or kitchen though, as the moisture might end up damaging their quality or structure.  

And, I don’t consider them as an ideal option for the bedroom, as they’re too bright and shiny for my liking. I’d love a softer and more romantic hue in this regard.  

Insulating Blind  

Unlike the previous option, an insulating blind doesn’t focus too much on taking care of the overall outlook of your house. Instead, they’re all about offering efficiency in every aspect. 

For example, an insulating blind can help in conserving energy and block or filter the light coming from the outside. Hence, it’ll be almost impossible for an outsider to look properly. 

Besides, they can also keep your room warm and fresh, even during the coldest night of the year. So, if you’re living somewhere in the north, they’ll be perfect for you. 

The Final Say 

As mentioned before, choosing a blind for your room’s window can be quite difficult. And, if you’re new in this aspect, you may hit a roadblock once or twice. However, you can take care of this adverse situation by researching more or following this article closely. 

Oh, speaking of this blog, did you find anything confusing about whatever’s been written here? I mean, there’s too much information compactly added here. So, it’ll be quite natural to have a question or two in mind.  

And, if you do, I’ll encourage you to ask the same in the comment section now. I’ll try my best to clear them up as soon as possible.