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Business Tips: How To Get Certified As A Personal Trainer

Wednesday 23rd Feb 2022 |

A personal trainer career is one with many benefits. Besides setting it as your own profession and main source of income, reaching your perfect form and fitness goals, it is also morally rewarding since you are helping others achieve their fitness goals as well.

Just as any other profession, the personal trainer profession demands education, training, and certifications. So if you are down to becoming a personal trainer, then there are a couple of things you should know. 


How long it would take for you to become a personal trainer depends on a whole bunch of things and the most on the path you take. To become a personal trainer, you will be required education, training, and certification. To obtain a bachelor’s degree, it will take you at least four years. On the other hand, personal trainer courses can be completed in less than a year. The crucial thing regarding this is to find the path that will suit you the most, so if your path is fitness, yoga, pilates, or some other innovative type of training, then you need to search for the most efficient and beneficial way to acquire these qualifications. 

Qualifications of the personal trainer can vary and they mostly depend on the type of degree you get. Bachelor’s degree is not only about acquiring the perfect form and skills you should teach but the scientific expertise from the field as well. 

Besides getting usual certifications from the field, personal trainers usually decide to get some other types of certifications that may help them in their careers such as first aid, automated external defibrillator certifications, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. These increase a candidate’s credentials and improve their professional ratings. 

How to Prepare Personal Trainer Exams

Just as with any other exam, it is a daunting job to prepare for your personal trainer exams. If you want to obtain the certification, you will need to follow a regular procedure: 

  1. Exam books: It is mandatory to read a whole bunch of exam books containing all the necessary information for the certification exam you are taking. Since these books have the main focus on human anatomy, it is the easiest way to use some of the med students’ strategies, and it is highlighting important parts, flashcards, and taking notes. 
  2. Studying guides: Certification courses usually have studying guides that ease your job considerably since they specify the materials you should focus on for your exams. 
  3. Mock exams: One of the most realistic ways to check your knowledge and assess the results and progress you are making. By taking these exams, you are getting familiar with the real exam before you take it. 


Once you obtain your personal trainer certification, it is time for you to set it into motion and see what are the things you can do and start your business journey. As a certified personal trainer, you are given chances and it is up to you to choose which one is the most suitable to your preferences. If you are a person of action, then you should go with this one and grind hard for reaching your goals. When you are on the top of starting your personal trainer career, then you need to give yourself six months of establishing a revenue stream through the personal training business. No matter if you are willing to start your personal trainer career in person or online, it is important to take yourself to motion and try to find clients, until the tables turn and they start reaching you. 

Benefits of Being a Personal Trainer 

Just as we mentioned in the introduction, the benefits of being a personal trainer are immense. Besides being in shape and ripped, helping other people reach their fitness goals, and getting to develop your own style, there are some more benefits like: 

  1. Flexibility: One of the perks of being a personal trainer are flexible hours. Some personal trainers work within a fitness company, while others work for themselves, allowing them to make their own schedules. 
  2. Staying Healthy: You must be a role model for your clients and therefore having a healthy lifestyle is a must. This does not only regard your fitness routines but nutrition and habits as well. 
  3. Noble quest of helping people: Personal trainers have an aim to help their clients reach their fitness goals and teach them how to organize their life in a healthier way for the best living quality. 

It seems that it is loads of work to get the certification claiming your position as a fitness trainer. However, it is more than that. Once you get the degree, it is when the game starts and you set off your professional career.

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