Boost your immune system this winter with these top tips

Wednesday 11th Nov 2020 |

Prevention is always better than a cure, so to keep our bodies healthy over winter, and to protect against common colds, GP and Medical Broadcaster Dr Sarah Jarvis shares her 6 top tips to boost your immune system and prevent the common cold

1) Boost your immune system

Boost your immune system -

“Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, especially those with brighter colours, give you a good dose of vitamins: the vitamin C and antioxidants they contain in particular are great little cold fighters. Cooking vegetables in warm wholesome soups can give you that extra cosy feeling at the same time as giving your body the nutrients it needs.” 

2) Boost your immune system TAKE SUPPORTIVE PRODUCTS

Boost your immune system -

“Taking vitamin supplements like Vitamin D and Zinc will also help support the immune system. Some products like ColdZyme® can help protect against or can shorten the duration of a cold if used at an early stage, by acting on the virus itself. It works by forming a fast-acting protective barrier in the mouth and throat where colds and flu develop”.

ColdZyme® (20ml £17.50) (7ml one cold application £9.89) is available from Amazon, independent pharmacies and Boots stores nationwide. 

3) Boost your immune system DRINK PLENTY OF WATER & limit caffeine

Boost your immune system -

“Staying hydrated is always important, but when you have a cold you can become dehydrated. Drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids and limit your caffeine intake to about 400mg (equivalent to about 4 cups of brewed coffee or 8 cups of tea) a day: at levels above this, caffeine stops rehydrating and can act as a diuretic, making you pee out more fluid. “

4) Boost your immune system GET THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF SLEEP

Getting enough sleep is vital, especially when we are ill. This is when the body is working at its hardest to fight infection and inflammation. Popping a hot (not too hot!) towel over your upper face can feel soothing but also will dilate the nasal passages giving you a little respite from the congestion and allow you to drift off.” 

5) Boost your immune system THE POWER OF A WARM BATH

“A warm bath before bed can be very soothing when you have a cold and can leave you feeling comfortably drowsy and better able to sleep.”

6) Boost your immune system EXERCISE

Boost your immune system -

“It may seem odd to suggest exercise when you are feeling poorly, but it’s surprising how much just a 20-minute walk in the fresh air can help your breathing, boost your energy levels and ease your symptoms.” 

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