Benefits of Meeting Room Booking Systems for Hybrid Work

Monday 30th May 2022 |

Did it ever happen to you to stroll over to your workplace and find no free room to hold your planned meeting? These kinds of situations not only waste time and productivity, but can even ruin your reputation in front of your clients.

Given that employees spend 31 hours every month in ineffective meetings, having 40% of them squandering 30 minutes every day looking for a meeting room provides no benefit.

There is a solution — one that integrates effortlessly into your business, allowing you and your team to save time and effort when scheduling meetings. You can adopt a meeting room booking system like roomio.

What Is a Meeting Room Booking System?

Opting for a meeting room booking system is a practice that any company can implement to improve the management of its meeting rooms – practice that can make internal collaboration more efficient.

A meeting room booking software is a type of space management or administration software for your office. Similar to desk booking, employees can reserve a whole meeting space for in-person meetings, in this new era of work from home or hybrid workstyle that is so popular among businesses nowadays. This enables employees to locate and reserve suitable meeting rooms, conference rooms, and other office spaces.

The Advantages of Using a Meeting Room Booking System

There are numerous advantages to using an office space booking software. Let’s go through some of the most important benefits of using a booking system to handle your meeting spaces.

No Conflicts or Multiple Bookings

Users will be able to see when meeting room bookings are available and when they are booked. This will prevent them from scheduling meetings in occupied places, eliminating the possibility of multiple bookings or meetings overlapping.

They will also be in a better position to organize meetings with coworkers, clients, and guests. They can reserve the most suitable room right away and automatically send invitations to those who will be attending.

Locate Suitable Meeting Rooms Booking

Realizing that a large boardroom or auditorium is being used for a tiny gathering is not efficient for a smaller office. Meeting room booking software can help prevent this by restricting access to certain rooms and areas to a limited number of individuals. For instance, different departments can book the right meeting rooms for their needs, and it avoids the chance of small groups filling larger rooms, ensuring that your valuable space is used properly.

Room Preparation

Office space booking systems can help facility management teams organize each space before the start of a meeting. When a room is booked, an automatic message can be issued to your team to ensure that it is cleaned and equipped with the necessary appliances ahead of time.

This eliminates any risk that an unclean meeting place might have on the quality of your meetings or your reputation with clients. Should you need particular technical equipment, the application allows you to choose the proper room that suits your needs.

Less Administration or Paperwork

The implementation of web-based office space booking software will significantly minimize the amount of admin and paperwork associated with meeting scheduling. There will be no lengthy email chains, crammed calendars, mountains of post-it notes, or even word of mouth misunderstandings. All information is now available digitally, making the entire meeting planning process faster and much more efficient.

Improved Understanding of Space Requirements

Meeting room booking software not only facilitates better-managed meetings across your locations but also generates a lot of data about the usage of rooms and coworking spaces. It can determine which parts are often used and which are typically disregarded.

This data can help inform space management across your facilities, whether it’s repurposing frequently empty meeting spaces or figuring out how to effectively direct employees to these underutilized areas.

Team Members Can Self-serve

Placing the task of arranging and managing all meetings on your helpdesk or office managers can be extremely onerous, resulting in costly mistakes. Each team member can take responsibility for their own bookings. This not only relieves the burden on your help desk but also helps your employees’ ability of setting up ‘on the spur of the moment’ meetings. While carefully planned meetings bring many advantages to the overall flow of business, sudden changes are very common in nowadays fast-paced technological era and business environment and should be accounted for.

Maintain Your Social Distance

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees are more concerned about their health during in-person meetings. Setting “safe” attendee counts for each room in office booking software can provide reassurance in this situation. This will prevent overcrowding and ensure that all participants are seated at a safe, comfortable distance from one another.

Easy Visitor Management

Poor visitor experiences can hurt your company’s reputation. Professionalism is essential, and meeting room booking software can help ensure it by making guest management easier. Whether it’s sending automatic invites and reminders to attendees or providing floor maps and instructions to help them find their way to the space in question, this makes visitors feel perfectly at home from the moment they arrive. The digital signage present in front of every room also helps visitors easily locate the right meeting room.

Room Availability in Real-Time

If a meeting is canceled at the last minute or rescheduled at another time, other employees can choose to use the newly available room, since this will be updated both online and on the interactive panels placed in front of each room.

Employees can easily see when a vacancy emerges by giving a real-time display of available and unavailable rooms, allowing them to potentially push forward their meeting or schedule another for that time slot.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, it is a big plus for a modern business to use a meeting room booking system since it brings considerable improvements in productivity, time, and money, while making better use of your office space.

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