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Beautiful Hairstyles Made Easy With Just A Curling Wand

Monday 28th Feb 2022 |

Learn how to get salon-perfect curls with only a curling wand. Voluminous, lustrous curls look incredible on every hair length, colour, or texture. 

If you don’t have naturally curly hair, there are a few easy techniques to achieve those waves. 

Beautiful hairstyles made easy with just a curling wand; here are some gorgeous hairstyles to try. 

Loose Curls on Long Hair 

Spritz clean, damp hair with a sea salt spray, then blow it out with an ionic hair dryer to add structure and volume to your hair. 

It’s not too important to get the stick straight; what matters is that the top is smooth. 

You should pin half of your hair up, and the other half should be divided into little parts. 

Wrap a section of hair around the curling iron made for waves like the ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong one at a time, keeping it away from your face and above your hair, so the curls fall from the barrel. 

Curl the top half of your hair in the same manner. Avoid going all the way to the root and start slightly above the ears instead. 

Allow five minutes for the curls to cool before misting your own hair with sea salt spray and running your fingers through them to break them up and have looser curls. 

Beachy Waves on Short Hair 

Clip your hair into two or three sections and gently curl away from your face with little pieces. 

Work from the front in vertical parts with the ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand, switching directions as you move into the undermost layers. 

If you have straight hair, apply a little mousse to it and blow dry it to add grit. 

Start curling the portion of hair that has been fed through the barrel. 

Set each curl by catching it as it comes out of the barrel, keeping it in your hand for a few seconds, and then releasing it. 

Curl the top portion of your hair again, this time alternating between curling away from and toward your face for a more natural look. 

Remove the clip from the remainder of your hair and curl it again. 

Use a texture spray with a strong-hold to keep your curls in place or blast a thickening spray into your roots as the last step in your procedure to give your hair even more volume. 

Soft Brushed Curls 

Make a left and right division in your hair. 

Using the ghd Curve Classic Curl Tong, guide the curls away from your face so that the curls from the left and right parts are facing each other when you look at the back of your head. 

Begin curling your hair in the middle and work your way to the ends, where the curls will transition from soft to highly curly. 

Wrap your hair tightly around the barrel while wrapping it around the barrel. 

The longer the hair is wrapped around the barrel to achieve tight curls. 

Experiment with keeping the curl for a shorter or longer period of time to make certain curls looser than others. 

Wait until the hair has cooled before gently running your fingers through it to separate the curls if the final product is a touch too curly for your comfort. 

If you use a brush, the curls will be ruined, instead, use a wide-tooth comb. 

To keep the curls in place, spray with hairspray. 

curling wandHollywood Waves 

The first step in creating Hollywood waves with the GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand is to divide your hair into top and bottom sections. 

For the time being, clip the top part up and away. 

Flat-wrap, the part of hair closest to your face around the curling wand, holding it diagonally. 

Keep the curling iron in place for 5-8 seconds – the thicker your hair is, the longer you’ll need to curl! 

Using the method above, separate hair into tiny portions and produce deep, undulating waves. 

Continue curling the lowest area of your hair until it is completely curled. 

Remove the top layer of your hair and curl your tresses and carefully brush them through for a smooth, glossy finish. 

Final Thought 

Always prepare and protect your hair and apply a heat-protectant product, properly dry hair, and brush through it to untangle and align strands before curling with any technique using hot tools. 

Use the appropriate temperature range for your hair type, fine hair requires lower temperatures compared to thick, frizzy hair. Use a hairspray to set your style. 

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