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Basic Cooking Tips For Beginners

Wednesday 23rd Mar 2022 |

We all need to learn to cook eventually. However, when we start learning we often do not have someone there to give us tips and tricks on how to do the best job with the food we make. 

Learning a few tips and tricks can be the difference between making a good meal and a great meal. Some of these things may seem obvious to some people, but when you are just starting out they can be a lifesaver. 

Food is one of the highlights of our days, making a great recipe, and creating new food can be such a rewarding achievement, so if you want to do it right, our tips will help show you how.

Basic Cooking Tips For Beginners – The Basics You Should Know

The basics can be anything from how and when you prep your food to how many tablespoons in a cup there are. So, here is our list of things you want to know before you get started. 

Basic Cooking Tips For Beginners – Always Prep Before You Start Cooking

First of all, you always want to prepare before you cook. Prep can take a lot longer than cooking for some dishes, so you want to get this done first. If you do not prepare before you start cooking you can end up messing up the recipe as you realize while cooking that you missed something out as you were preparing. When you are confronted with a recipe, get the prep done first, lay it all out ready, so the actual basic cooking process is quick and smooth. It will save a lot of time and stress to do it this way.

basic cooking tips

Basic Cooking Tips For Beginners – Always Wash Your Fruit & Veg

It may seem obvious to some, but you should always wash your fruit and veg before you use it. No matter how you are using it, washing your fruit and veg prevents unwanted insects and bacteria from getting into your dish. 

Once veg is picked it is not washed thoroughly before it is bagged up and sent to the store. It may be rinsed, but you want to make sure you give it at least a good ri

nse before you use it, so you know it is clean and fresh before you start cooking.

Basic Cooking Tips For Beginners – Let Red Meat Sit 

Even if you cook a steak well done, it should not be dry. In order to prevent this, you should place it on foil after you take it off the grill. Wrap it in foil and let it sit for a good 5 minutes. Doing so allows juices to settle before you cut into it, which makes it more tender and moist. The meat will keep cooking in the foil, so remember to take it out of the pan or grill earlier. If you enjoy a medium steak, take it out while it’s medium-rare, so it does not overcook. 

Basic Cooking Tips For Beginners – Your Senses Will Tell You More Than Dates

Supermarkets will always give you a best before date or expiry date, however, these are more like guidelines. Just because something is past its best before does not mean it is not edible, it just means that it has gone past its peak. Best before is a representation of quality. Expiry is worth paying more attention to instead of best before, but it is not always accurate.  Your sense of smell will usually tell you if food is bad. Give it a look over for mold, sniff it to smell if it is bad, and if not give it a taste. Most foods will have a key giveaway. Do not throw out good food just because of the labeling! You can save so much food and money by trusting your senses first.

Basic Cooking Tips For Beginners – Read Recipes Ahead Of Time

Double or even triple read your recipes before you start cooking. If you do not read these recipes thoroughly you can miss out on vital factors, ingredients, and stages of the cooking process. You might forget to marinate, get a vital ingredient, or take food out of the freezer before use. Thus, pushing back your mealtime, or hindering it altogether.  Always make sure you are prepared and ready, read that recipe, memorize it. 

Basic Cooking Tips For Beginners – Do Not Overcrowd

A pan, skillet, or wok can only take so much, if you are cooking and there is too much food in there, it will not cook evenly and food will escape. If there is too much in the pan, then cook in sections, portion it as you cook instead. If your meal does not allow for this, perhaps it is time to invest in a bigger pan.

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