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Accident at home – Can you make an injury claim?

Tuesday 02nd Nov 2021 |

Did you know home is the most commonplace for accidents to happen? According to the accident prevention charity RoSPA, the cost to society of accidents in UK homes is £45.63 billion every year! 

If we have an accident at home, it will often be of our own making. That is not always the case, though.  

Here are four home accident situations that might see you reaching for the phone number of a personal injury solicitor. 

Accident at work – at home 

Your employers owe a duty of care to you to ensure you are kept safe at work – even if you work from home. They have to take all reasonable precautions to ensure your safety. 

Some potential work-related accidents at home scenarios result from: 

  • Faulty or inadequate work equipment  
  • Badly set up workstation  
  • Lack of protective equipment   
  • Mental health issues caused or contributed to by an employer  

Whether an employer is at fault for an accident at home will largely depend on whether they carry out a suitable risk assessment of an employee’s home working set up and promptly respond to workers home working concerns as they arise. 

The number of home-based accident at work claims is currently likely to be few. This may change, though, if working from home continues to be the norm for most of us.  

Accidents caused by sub-standard workmanship 

If you ask a tradesperson to carry out some work for you at home, you have every right to expect they will do the job to a satisfactory standard. If they don’t and their shoddy work results in you or a family member getting injured, you could file a claim against them to compensate you for the injury you suffer, as well as for any accompanying damage caused to your property.   

Injuries caused by an explosion due to a defective gas boiler installation, flawed renovation work resulting in masonry falling onto you and suffering electrocution due to faulty electrical wiring work are all examples of an injury caused by substandard work. All may lead to a personal injury claim being made. 

Faulty goods that injure you whilst being used at home 

 If you buy a faulty product and it causes you harm when you use it, you may bring a successful injury claim against the product manufacturer. If you purchased the product, your claim would be for breach of contract.  

Hair straighteners catching fire and causing burns, new furniture collapsing when you sit on it, hair dye provoking a severe skin irritation due to an allergic reaction, and contaminated ready meals giving rise to food poisoning – are all examples of defective products causing harm or illness. Each would be cause enough to bring a claim against the manufacturer for injury compensation.  Read more about dangerous products that caused injury to consumers at Trevino Injury Law.

Assaulted at home 

 A deliberate assault is not an accident – it’s intentional. It is important to note, though, if you suffer an assault at home, you have the right to claim criminal injuries compensation for the injuries you suffer in the attack. You would initiate this through the services of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), a government body. 

Assaults at home sometimes occur when intruders break-in. Most assaults at home are, however, a result of domestic violence. Let’s call domestic violence out for what it is – criminal assault.  You are entitled to claim compensation from the CICA for the injuries you suffer in an assault at home, whatever the circumstances. Seek out an experienced criminal injuries solicitor to help you start your CICA claim. 

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