A Guide To Using CBD Products 

Thursday 25th Nov 2021 |

You may have heard friends and family members talking about CBD products and the benefits of using them. CBD has been found to have numerous beneficial effects on health and wellbeing, and is becoming ever more popular for it’s wide range of uses for health and wellbeing.  

What Is CBD? 

CBD is a chemical compound derived from the hemp plant. Many people may be concerned that CBD is illegal as it is derived from a cannabis plant. However, hemp only has low levels of THC, which is the chemical compound that causes a high and intoxicates an individual. As CBD doesn’t have the psychological effects of THC, it is legal to be used and sold in the UK.  

What Are The Benefits Of Taking CBD? 

There are numerous benefits to taking CBD, from easing nausea to aiding skin conditions. More people are discovering the benefits of CBD in various forms, and it’s quickly becoming a daily staple for many. Below we’ve listed some of the benefits of taking CBD. 

Reducing Anxiety And Easing Depression 

One of the most common uses of CBD products is to help with reducing anxiety, and easing depression. CBD is thought to work by interacting with receptors in the brain responsible for serotonin production. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of contentment and happiness, and those suffering from depression and anxiety can sometimes have trouble producing healthy levels of serotonin.  

Reducing Pain And Inflammation 

CBD is also believed to help with reducing pain and inflammation, by modulating the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is involved with regulating chemicals in the body, and maintaining homeostasis. CBD is believed to interact with this system and targets pain receptors.  

Using CBD Oil And Ointments For Skin Complaints 

One of the lesser-known uses for CBD is the believed benefits for your skin. It is commonly used for acne, to help soothe pain and inflammation, as well as for helping with eczema, psoriasis, and wrinkles. CBD is believed to kelp the lipid production in the skin cells, and reduces oil production which causes spots. 

CBD Dosages 

You should always use CBD with the permission of a medical professional if you’re using it for a medical condition. Otherwise, if you’re unsure about taking CBD dosages, there should be a guide for the recommended dosage with the products you choose to purchase. 

What Options Are There For Taking CBD? 

There are many different options when it comes to choosing how to include CBD in your life. You’ve probably heard a lot about CBD oil, but did you know you can also have it in the form of gummies, vapours, lotions, and even coffee! Have a think about what would work best for you and be the most practical in your lifestyle. If you need something that can be taken on the go, then gummies could work well for you. If you want it disguised within food, you can get CBD that can be mixed in with a meal and digested to get the benefits.  

Small Lifestyle Changes to Consider To Make Your Life Greener 

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