A Guide to Choosing the Right IT Support for Your Company

Thursday 09th Dec 2021 |

Whether you’re a new or existing business, more and more companies across the globe are relying on their IT infrastructure more than ever to facilitate the number of employees working remotely and in the office.

To ensure you have the right IT support team in place to benefit your company, here are some things you should do first.

Look for Testimonials

One of the best things you can do when on the hunt for an IT support company is to check out testimonials. A quick google search for IT support teams will bring up a wide range of results, so knowing who to opt for can be difficult. To make the decision process easier, you can look for ratings and reviews from previous and current businesses, which should give you a better idea of whether the team is right for you and your company.

Phone the Company

If you have any doubts or questions when looking online for an IT support team, why not pick up the phone instead? There’s no better way of learning about a company than by calling them directly. There are all sorts of reassurances you will get from doing this. Firstly, you will establish whether a real person is behind the phone, and you’ll get an instant feeling of whether they’re qualified and reputable. Make sure to trust your gut if something doesn’t feel right.

Avoid Lengthy Contracts

In 2021, no reputable IT support business should have mandatory long contacts. With the COVID-19 pandemic changing how we do business for the foreseeable, the last thing you want to take on is a lengthy fixed contract. Instead, you’ll find that most reliable IT support companies provide rolling contracts.

Ask for Certificates

While an IT support business may walk the walk, can they talk the talk too? If you’re still not sure whether the company is right for your business, it doesn’t hurt to ask for certificates. Once they hand over proof of their certifications, you can be confident they are who they say they are.

Look at Response Times

If you are dealing with something like a cyberattack, you’ll want your IT support team to solve the issue immediately. Time is of the essence in these kinds of scenarios, as the last thing you want is for hackers to gain access to sensitive information. This means when searching for an IT support company, you need to determine a guaranteed response team. If you hire a remote team especially, you’ll want to know they can help you within minutes.

Read the Terms and Conditions

There is no room for error when hiring an IT support team. When you are handed a contract or agreement, it’s your responsibility to look through the terms and conditions so you can be confident you’ve made the right decision. Also, you’ll be assured there aren’t any nasty add-ons.

Go Local

There is a huge benefit to choosing a local IT support group, including speed of response. If you live in London, it makes sense to look at someone reputable like Totality Services, who are an IT support London company. The business provides unlimited IT service for mobile devices, software, hardware, and tablets. This IT support London group also offers remote and onsite engineer support round the clock.

Whether you need protection against cybercriminals, or somewhere to house and manage confidential data, having an IT support team by your side can benefit your business and employees.