A Guide To A Guide To Your Cat’s Sleeping Behavior

Monday 14th Feb 2022 |

Cats have an impressive capacity to fall asleep whenever the mood strikes them. They are known to get cozy on bathroom mats, inside boxes, and on laps. Depending on what kind of personality your cat has, and the environment they are in, there are a few things that their sleeping habits can tell you. 

This is a guide covering the most popular cat sleeping behaviors including positions and reasons why they may sleep so much. Check out https://mycatneedsthis.com/ for more information. 

A Guide To Your Cat’s Sleeping Behavior – Where

If you have a house cat, you may be wondering why they fall asleep in random places. Typically, cats like to sleep or rest wherever they feel warm and comfortable, which could be why you find them stretched out on the rug or under your bed. 

As long as they feel like they are in a safe place that doesn’t pose a potential threat to them, then your cat will make themselves at home in a range of places. Certain spaces with more hiding places are great for your cat to explore, and they may prefer the bathroom if there are plenty of nooks and crannies for them to investigate and make comfortable. 

We all know the pride that comes from being a cat’s chosen sleeping partner, and the importance of letting them rest on your lap. It is widely believed that when your cat decides to sleep near you or on top of you, that they are showing that they trust and love you. 

A Guide To Your Cat’s Sleeping Behavior – How

Domestic cats of all shapes and sizes have been known to sleep in a range of peculiar positions. These can have specific meanings, or be random depending on your cat’s regular behavior when they are sleeping. 

If you find your cat sleeping on their back or side with their belly showing, this is usually a sign that they are extremely comfortable with their surroundings, and that they feel safe. Because their soft bellies underneath are one of the most vulnerable areas, your cat has a lot of trust in you and the home you have created with them. 

When a cat is sleeping curled up with their tail around their bodies, it is usually a sign that they want to be left alone to rest. It is highly instinctive to sleep in this position, and has evolutionary advantages such as staying alert while protecting themselves. 

If you find your cat sleeping in this position, it does not mean that they don’t feel safe with you. They are probably trying to conserve heat, or curling up entirely out of their feline instincts. 

A Guide To Your Cat’s Sleeping Behavior – When

Our feline companions can get an impressive amount of shut-eye. While this had evolutionary advantages in the wild, domestic cats can be seen napping or sleeping whenever they feel like it. This can be out of boredom, or if they are tired. 

Because cats are pretty independent creatures with a great self-awareness, they will rest to preserve energy, or whenever they feel like they need to. 

A Guide To Your Cat’s Sleeping Behavior – Why

Your cat might seem lazy by sleeping up to sixteen hours each day, but they are actually preserving their energy and are often more aware of their surroundings than you may think. In the wild, cats needed to be alert and ready to defend themselves when threatened. That is why they can go from seemingly fast asleep to fully alert in no time at all. 

It is easy to believe that your cat is sleeping all the time, but they have evolved to rest when they can in order to replenish the energy used during the hunting process. It would use up a great deal of their energy stores, and frequent napping was a useful way to restore this. 

Most cats need a regular sleep cycle of both Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, and non-REM sleep. The different patterns of sleep stages are important for all mammals to dream, which allows their minds to work correctly and enable proper functioning in the rest of the body. 

Cats usually get around 60% REM sleep in a regular cycle, and they can even be found dreaming. This is seen in twitching noses, whiskers, tails, and even making strange noises involuntarily. 

A Guide To Your Cat’s Sleeping Behavior – Summary

There are a number of reasons why your cat can be found sleeping in unusual positions around your home, and they could be trying to show you that they love and trust you. 

Make sure that you are keeping your cat happy with plenty of entertainment through toys and playing together. This can contribute to better sleep behaviors over time and ensure that they are getting the rest they need.

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