A Beginner’s Guide: The Kimbo Camper

Wednesday 09th Feb 2022 |

Everything You Need To Know About The Kimbo Camper In 5 Minutes 

If you are looking for a new camper van and you like to travel light but do not want to compromise on space – then the Kimbo Camper might be exactly what you are looking for. 

The Kimbo Camper is a drop-in truck camper that is taking the RV market by storm. It offers campers everything they could possibly want at an amazing price and it looks good while doing it. Today, we are going to share 6 cool facts about the Kimbo Camper with you. 

Fact #1 – It Sits In Your Truck Bed 

Until you witness a Kimbo Camper in real life then it really is hard to understand how amazing it is. This is a camper that is big enough to live in for a few days, that you can attach to your truck and it will slot into the bed of said truck. It takes less than 10 minutes to attach, 10 minutes to remove it, and it is easy to store in the off-season. The Kimbo’s design is so smart that it might change the way we camp forever. You can read more about the camper here – https://camperguide.org/kimbo-camper/.

Fact #2 – You Can Attach Over 13 Official Accessories And Features To The Kimbo 

As you are reading the list of things you can add to the Kimbo Camper, you are going to think that we are making it all up, but we promise we are doing nothing of the sort. 

It is possible to attach AC, a fold-out shower, propane stove, wood burner, galley kitchen, projector and retractable screen, a chimney, moving doors, solar panel, toilet, refrigerator, sink, storage unit, and table.  All while it is still able to sit in the bed of your trunk! 

Fact #3 – The Kimbo Camper Was Inspired By Nuclear Submarines 

The Kimbo Camper was designed by Mark King and when asked King said that he was inspired by a visit to his Dad’s submarine – the USS Alabama. King was impressed by how small yet practical the spaces inside the subs were. He decided to take all the key elements from these rooms and use them as the basis of his camper design. It is not the origin story we were expecting, but the whole concept paid off for King. 

Fact #4 – The Kimbo Is Waterproof And Fully Insulated 

You may look at the Kimbo Camper and think that it is going to be freezing because it is essentially a small metal box.  However, the Kimbo is actually insulated, it is fully protected by R-5 insulation. The floor of the Kimbo is made from aluminum for extra insulation and protection. The inside walls really do feel like suede – however, they actually are coated in a waterproof layer. This means that you won’t get mold inside your Kimbo or water leaking in from the outside. 

Fact #5 – It Bigger (Than You Think) On The Inside 

If you have only looked at external pictures of the Kimbo Camper then this news is going to shock you – but the camper has enough room on the inside for a loft bed, 3 wire baskets, a couch, and a small kitchen.  The Kimbo is also designed to be decked out, so the basic models have spare room for you to add a lot of other features – like a wood stove or any of the other accessories that we mentioned in section 2.  All of these things sit inside the Kimbo and somehow it still manages to feel spacious and minimalistic. 

Fact #6 – All Kimbo Campers Are Made In America 

One more piece of good news for you – when you buy a Kimbo Camper, you are supporting American industry and American workers. The factory that makes the Kimbo Campers is based in Bellingham, Washington. Traveling through the Pacific Northwest had a huge impact on Mark King’s designs for the Kimbo Camper – so, it was only natural that the campers should be made in the area. King said it was essential for him that the Kimbo facilitated nimble and simple living. 

If you are looking for a camper with a couch and bed that you can add over 13 upgrades and attachments to – then look no further. The Kimbo Camper is what you need. This amazing camper sits in the bed of your truck – allowing you to travel with everything you need while taking up next to no space.


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