7 Must-Know Glamping Tips For the Coming Summer

Monday 16th May 2022 |

Did you know that there are 4,300 U.S. forest campgrounds? You might want to go, but staying in a traditional tent turns you off.  

What other options do you have? Well, there’s glamping!   If you’re looking to explore parks but still have some comfort from home, then it’s perfect for you. Read this guide on the top glamping tips you won’t want to miss for your next relaxing adventure.  

  1. glampingCreate a Lounge Space

Make sure that the space you choose has enough room for you to relax. When glamping, you’ll want room for your sleeping bag/bed and chairs. Another option is a glamping resort Common glamping locations will be in a cabin, yurt, or tent. Many will have comfortable bedding too. They’ll need to include blankets, sheets, and pillows.  

  1. Bring Games

Your next camping trip needs to include board games, yard games, etc. Corn hole is a popular option. Many glamping locations will have electricity. Decide whether you’re okay with video games or if you’ll want to unplug.  

  1. Cook Delicious Meals

Glamping trips can include grilling meats and veggies. Some delicious ideas include grilled cheese, campfire nachos, grilled pizza, and more. If you’re staying at a glamping resort, they might have grills and ovens. 

  1. Security

There should be a secure place to store your items. Even if there aren’t locks, there should be a safe. Some locations will have a gate and guards. Contact the resort in advance to see if there’s a combination that you’ll need for the entrance.  

  1. Bathrooms

You don’t use the outdoor facilities for glamping! You should pick out a location with running water, a private bathroom, and a shower. Sometimes, the building might be separate from the cabin. It’ll still have running water, though. Bring toilet paper and other essentials just in case they don’t have them.  

  1. Choosing the Property 

Find out what’s included and not before choosing a place. You might receive cleaning supplies, linens, cookware, and a wood stove at the least.  Some places might have less but still claim that they’re glamping. Find out about any extra costs such as activity fees, housekeeping, etc.  

  1. Packing Essentials

Pack a first aid kit, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and bug spray. Bring a cooler, food, drinks, and a lantern.   Check the weather to see what clothes to pack. Bring cooking supplies such as pots and pans, and consider bringing a camp stove if there won’t be one.   Don’t forget about bags and aluminum foil to store leftovers. Keep matches on hand to start fires. You might want to bring a coffee maker too.  

Exploring Glamping Tips for Your Next Trip 

After exploring this guide, you should have some glamping tips to help you plan your next trip. Take your time deciding which will be best for you.  Would you like to read more informative content? Be sure to check out our other articles on our site today!  

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