6 Tips To Successfully Grooming Your Cat

Friday 25th Feb 2022 |

Grooming Your Cat At Home

You can easily groom your furry friend at home. You do not need to get it done professionally, although sometimes it seems like a good idea when you consider the possible reaction of your cat to you attempting to shampoo or bathe them at home. 

Most cats will loathe the concept of water, so giving them a bath seems like a really terrible idea right? Well, it doesn’t have to be so difficult.  The key to all this is to slowly get them used to this process over time, after a while your cat will start to appreciate good grooming.  Cats are very self capable groomers, however, they may need some assistance from time to time, and there are some cats that just cannot groom themselves, and may need a helping hand from you. 

So, today we are going to talk you through some ways in which you can successfully groom your can when their grooming is not sufficient enough, or if they require some help.  Remember, if you are a kitty cat lover, you will always want to do the best you can for your four-legged friend, and to find out more ways in which you can do this look here: https://catobsessed.com/Loving our pets starts with how we care for them and how far we will go to help them. So, let’s get onto those tips! 


#1. Start When They Are Young. 

Firstly, it is a good idea to start grooming them while they are younger. Obviously this is difficult if you have already had your cat for some years, or if you are taking in a rescue cat who is older. 

However, if you have a kitten it will be easier to get them used to the process, as kittens are accepting of this thanks to nature. Mother cats will groom their young, so being groomed is natural for a kitten. 

Regular grooming and handling as a kitten will help get them used to being held, touched, and groomed in the long term. You can also use this technique with older cats by holding them more, and being more physically affectionate with them.

#2. Brush Them Regularly.

Short-haired cats will not need as much brushing as long-haired cats do. A short-haired cat will only need a weekly brush, but long-haired cats will need brushing anywhere from daily to 2-3 times a week. 

This is done to avoid matting of the fur and the potential for your cat to get furballs. If your cat is not a big fan of this, ease into it, keep sessions short, and hopefully, they will get used to it. You should also use a good brush, make sure they are soft rubber, bristled, or even a good comb.

#3. Bathing. 

Okay, cats traditionally hate this, but you can do it. Fill up a sink, tub or otherwise with a little water. Then use a jug or bottle to pour water over slowly, do remember to avoid their head and ace though. 

Begin at their neck and lather them with a cat-safe shampoo. Then pour clean water over the suds and remove the residue. Keep a towel ready to get your cat out of the water and dry them off. Some cats will never take to this, so dry shampoo can be a good back-up plan.

#4. Remember their Ears! 

DOn’t forget their ears. When you give them a bath, check their ears and canals. You want to make sure there is no discharge or redness. 

It is best to avoid cleaning ears yourself, and most won’t need it, but if you do have to use a cat ear cleaner, and follow the instructions. Do NOT use Q-tips, they can do damage! 

#5. Don’t Let Nails Overgrow! 

Most cats will scratch to keep their claws filed down, you should always have a scratching post or mat on hand for this. However, if your cat doesn’t use these and isn’t big on scratching, you should help them out. 

Claws can easily overgrow and get stuck causing injuries. Use a special cat nail trimmer for this.  And please, NEVER DECLAW A CAT!!! 

#6. Rewards! Yes! Treats.

After all this is done, give your kitty a tasty treat as a reward for letting you groom them. This is positive reinforcement and will help them associate this process with something good.  They will be more likely to behave well during grooming next time!

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