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6 Reasons To Travel Via Train Rather Than Plane

Friday 27th May 2022 |

When we’re going on holiday abroad, it’s only natural to immediately scan for which flights are available and book our seats on an airplane. The convenience of air travel, as well as lower costs triggered by the rise of budget airlines, makes it an ever-popular choice. 

However, travelling by rail to foreign destinations within reach can also offer many benefits. 

More comfortable journey 

Those cramped economy flight seats are never good for your physical well-being as you cramp yourself into a tiny space for hours on end. 

On a train, you will have much more space to yourself and be more able to relax in whatever way you see fit. Stretch out, curl up – it’s down to you!   

Eat and drink from your own menu 

Stale meals that have been microwaved within an inch of their lives? Hmm, no thanks. 

Another perk of travelling by train is the ability to bring your own food. Restaurant cars also tend to serve more appetising meals too, as they do not have the storage and serving limitations that airlines do. 

Better for the environment 

The aviation industry is one of the biggest global contributors to the climate crisis, with a flight from London to Paris alone generating an estimated 92 kilograms of CO2 – a figure that the citizens of some countries don’t reach in an entire year on average. 

Trains are responsible for far fewer emissions so you can benefit the planet as well as yourself. 

A more scenic experience 

Those top-down views of your destination and Instagram-ready shots of the clouds are great, but there’s not a whole lot to look at in between. 

When you travel by rail, however, you will get to see a whole host of different scenes in the surrounding area. 

Peace and quiet 

Another feature of the economy class of planes is the noise and general chaos that comes with it.  

Kids digging their knees into your back, constantly getting up and down to let row-mates go to the toilet – the destination might be peaceful but the journey rarely is! 

The more spaced-out nature of train designs take this away, helping you get lost in your own little world as you zoom to where you’re going. 

More convenience on arrival 

A flight leaves you with an extra journey typically, as you head from the out-of-town airport to wherever you are staying. 

With rail journey, this is made much easier as you generally embark in a central location, ready to go straight out on the town if you really want! 

Having your baggage with you is another plus – no waiting at the carousel for your bag to come around, just grab your things and go right from the platform. 

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