5 Ways to Update a Boring Bathroom  

Wednesday 18th May 2022 |

Next time you are in your bathroom, think about what you would like to change about the space. Bathrooms are usually one plain colour, which is often white.

Structural features can often disappear into the space. This leaves a cold and clinical look in a room that should be relaxing, luxurious and focused on comfort.  

Here are five ways to update any boring bathroom to make it the stylish centrepiece of your home.  

Use Simple Patterns to Add Colour and Shape  

Sprucing up your bathroom does not have to be a big and expensive job. You can have a significant impact on your bathroom’s style by painting blank spaces with colourful patterns.  

If you have a shower curtain, think about swapping it for one with a pattern to add colour and detail. Pick a pattern with colours that you can bring to other areas of the room, to start a base or theme you can build upon.  

Bring Some Bold Colour to the Room  

If you desire a more luxurious and decadent bathroom, paint any un-tiled walls in a bold, deep shade to set the tone.  

Purples, bold reds, regal blues, and dark natural greens all help darken the bright white tiles. These colours will put you in the lap of luxury when you take a bath.  

Change up your Lighting Scheme to Set the Mood  

Lighting is important in any space. If you are a fan of candles, you can make them a more permanent fixture with holders and lamps. This is an opportunity to bring texture to the room giving you a range of materials and designs to choose from.  

Try to avoid using the edge of the bath to place candles, as these get knocked over. Use shelving or hooks to place your candle lamps at various levels for the greatest effect. 

Go All-In and Update Your Fixtures and Fittings  

Do not let old sinks, toilets, and bathtubs hold you back. If you decide to update your fixtures, you can find some super-stylish options out there that can also offer more benefits to you and/or your family. Walk in baths for instance are a fashionable and functional way to update your bathtub.  

A deep soak walk in bath is smaller, giving you back some floor space as an added benefit. Ultimately though, they provide a great way to future proof your home for peace of mind as you get older. If you are looking to make this investment, The Walk in Bath Co has a range of stylish baths to choose from which will bring form and function to your bathroom.  

Make Your Mirror a Functional Feature  

The mirror is an important and functional part of any bathroom. It can also be a design feature that helps tie all your changes together. Use a picture frame to border a bathroom mirror. Whether you want the decadence of a gold gilded frame or a natural plain wood finish, this is a great look.  

Make your bathroom the stylish centrepiece of your home with a few of our top tips. You do not need to spend a lot to make substantial changes to your bathing space. The smallest updates can still make an enormous difference. 

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