5 Tips To Find Motivation To Workout

Thursday 16th Sep 2021 |

As the wet weather continues to keep us indoors, it’s no surprise many of us are finding it hard to stay on track with our fitness routines.

As such, Scott Thomson, Global Athletics Director from F45 Training (www.f45training.co.uk), has put together a few tips on how to bust your workout-rut and find motivation to get your fitness journey back on track!

Find Motivation To Workout – Get Yourself a Workout Buddy

A friend can help motivate you to achieve your fitness goals and empower you to try new workouts together. Fostering positive social relationships from those who are supportive and encouraging of our intrinsic goals not only helps to keep us accountable but creates a sense of camaraderie to drive confidence and mental willpower to persevere. Swap lunch dates with studio dates, and you’ll achieve your fitness goals while also getting in some much-needed quality time. 

Find Motivation To Workout – Create rationale and purpose

To make a habit stick, you need to understand the purpose behind doing it. Figure out your “why” and write it down – remind yourself how becoming more physically active can help other aspects of your life as well. When you begin training, ask questions to gain clarity around what exactly it is that you will be working through during a training session. This educational component or sense of learning to gain clarity creates a sense of perceived control, which drives confidence, empowerment, and autonomy. 

Find Motivation To Workout – Try Working out in the Morning

It’s easy to get bogged down with work or plans with friends in the evening. Having your workouts at night may lead to you just forgoing it after a long day of work (which could leave you feeling guilty). By prioritising working out first thing in the morning, you have less chance of creating excuses during the day and putting it off. It can also set the tone for the day ahead and put you in a positive mood.

Find Motivation To Workout – Prep Everything Else

Make things easier for yourself by removing any hurdles that may be in the way of you and your next workout. Go ahead and lay out your gym clothes the night before, fill up your bottle, pack yourself some post-workout snacks. Ridding of these trivial tasks may help reduce your chances of making last-minute ditches. 

Find Motivation To Workout – Allow Yourself the Ability to Modify

Scaling exercises to optimise technique and/or intensity is a crucial part of functional, smart training. Not only does this put us in a position of control to boost autonomy, but it also keeps us mentally engaged and intrinsically focused to master technique before progression. It is also perfectly fine to do a regressed version of a workout before working your way up. We all start somewhere when it comes to fitness and the only way to move forward is to keep moving. 

Find Motivation To Workout – Consistency 

Creating a routine can be tough or daunting at times, but in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle it is important to keep consistent with your workouts and healthy choices. You may not be motivated everyday but staying disciplined can help you achieve your goals one step at a time. It only takes 21 days to form a habit. Stick with it for at least three weeks and you’ll find that showing up gets easier with time.

Find Motivation To Workout – Scheduling Workouts

Another way to ensure you stay committed is to book-in to a class or studio session on the regular — extrinsic motivation can be an incredibly useful kickstarter at times. 

If you don’t have access to an external fitness class, make yourself an appointment to workout or be active for a specific time of the day. You don’t skip an appointment at the doctor’s so why would you skip an appointment to work on your own health?

Find Motivation To Workout – Try something different

You may lose inspiration doing the same type of training over and over, mixing up training styles can be a refreshing way to re-invigorate your interest and motivation to keep active. Ask around to see if you have any friends who are doing something different and offer to join them. You never know, you may find a new passion or community on your fitness journey! For more tips and ideas on working out, visit Fit Body Buzz.


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