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5 Summer Beauty Tips to Sweat-Proof Your Look

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Life always tends to get better in summers. Barbeques, a dip in the pool, a day at the beach, and lively outdoors make you happier. However, all this goodness comes with a cost. Melting foundation, smeared lip liner, and extra-oily look just don’t go well.

At the same time, you also want to combat the heat, smell heavenly, and sweat less without having to put on your deodorant frequently. For this, you can use a high-quality deodorant, you can purchase the best natural cream deodorant in United Kingdom which ships worldwide, and try it.

Likewise, using the right beauty and skincare products can make you look glowy and fresh (not sweaty, oily, and cakey). Therefore, this article will discover the 5 best summer beauty tips to sweat-proof your look. Read below to know!

1.    Beauty Tips – Use the Right Moisturizer

The base of your makeup is a moisturizer, and you want to start off right. In summers, your skin can already get too oily, but you still want to nourish and hydrate it with the right kind of ingredients.

Just because your skin may get super oily and sweaty during summer, you still need to deliver your skin the essential hydration. Therefore, you must use an oil-free moisturizer. It won’t make your skin look greasy and yet non-creasy.

2.    Beauty Tips – Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Makeup Primer

It’s quite a strenuous task to keep your makeup looking fresh and make it stay in its place during those scorching hot days. Right after you apply an oil-free moisturizer on your face, use a makeup primer.

A makeup primer’s function is to hold your makeup in its place and also help it last longer. Some makeup primers even come with additional beneficial ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid!

3.   Beauty Tips – Use a Blush Tint

If you want to give your cheeks a healthy vibrance and natural flush, you must ditch your blush powder in the summers. Instead, you should opt for a blush tint, which you can obviously use on your lips too.

Using a blush tint will stay on your skin nicely and the blush powder won’t make your face look cakey as well. After applying the blush tint, you can dust it off with one layer of setting powder to lock the look.

4.   Beauty Tips – Tote Mini Cosmetics with You

Keeping essential makeup items with you in your purse will help you refresh your look during the hot days. Even if you need to touch up your lipstick/lip liner which may have smeared due to sweat, you won’t have to fret about making it right in a cinch.

Usually, lipstick, lip liner, and a translucent powder compact are enough. Keeping blotting papers with you will also deal with oil and sweat without caking on layers of powder.

5.   Beauty Tips – Finish Off With a Setting Spray

Last but not the least, you should finish off your makeup look with a setting spray. A matte setting spray will allow you to keep all your makeup products locked in their place.

You will also be able to deal with the unpleasant slick or shiny look by keeping your makeup in place all day long. You won’t have to reapply your makeup several times a day with the right setting spray. 

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