5 Simple Instruments You Can Learn To Play

Friday 22nd Apr 2022 |

Learning to play an instrument can be incredibly rewarding and there are few things more enjoyable than grabbing an instrument and creating beautiful music on the spot. 

The only trouble is that learning many instruments is incredibly difficult. Some instruments take years of practice, and this can prove to be very annoying, especially when free time is at a premium when working a full-time job. 

Luckily, there are many instruments out there that are remarkably easy to learn and can help you to make music even on a tight schedule. Read on below to find out what five of the best are!

Electric Drums

You may not think so, considering how crucial drums are to any piece of music or to any rock ensemble, but learning to play the drums is not too difficult. The difficulty instead lies in mastering them. 

Learning to play the drums requires you to learn to be able to keep an accurate and steady rhythm, and once you have that skill down, you can begin to get better and better at playing. In fact, if you were to dedicate at least 20 minutes a day to drumming, then you would easily begin to see improvements in no time.

One of the best ways to learn the drums is to do so on an electric drum kit. They cost a little bit more, but they allow you to get some very precise sound so that you can more accurately learn to play the instrument. 

Learning to play the drums is very fun, and as long as you put in the effort, you will soon be making great progress.

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If you want to learn a string instrument or the ever-iconic guitar, but find yourself daunted by their size and the effort required to play them, then you may be well-suited learning to play the ukulele. 

The ukulele is very easy to learn to play, thanks to the fact that it has much softer and smaller strings that do not create a strain on your fingers as you strum. The smaller size of a ukulele also means that you won’t develop any wrist strains or anything. This makes it much easier to play even the more difficult chords!

With frequent practice at around 20 minutes per day, you could see a significant increase in skill within as little as 3 months!

Piano Or Keyboard

Though they are arguably two of the most difficult instruments on this list, they are still significantly easier to learn to play than many others. This is because once you have the basic tenets of the piano or the keyboard down you will be able to create amazing music in no time at all. 

Once you have basic chords down, you can then slowly move to slightly more advanced chords at your own pace. This makes the piano and the keyboard both very versatile instruments that are well suited to learning. 

Once again, with daily practice for up to 20 minutes, you could see a marked improvement in your play in no time at all!


The Harmonica is easily one of the best instruments for beginners to try out if they wish to express themselves musically. The harmonica is quite easy to play, as it just requires blowing into the various holes or drawing breath through them. 

However, the difficult part of learning to play the harmonica comes in learning to control your breath. You need to blow into the holes in very different ways in order to achieve unique sounds with the harmonica. 

Luckily, learning to control your breath in order to play the harmonica is actually quite easy, and can be done over a few months with frequent practice. Once you have the breathing down you can also learn to utilize different hand shapes to create new and unique sounds. 

This means that the process of learning the harmonica is always enjoyable and rewarding, as you will always be learning new ways to play and new sounds to make. 

We recommend trying out the harmonica, especially since the instrument is relatively inexpensive, and is compact in size. It also allows you to express yourself musically without having to invest too much money or time.


The recorder is renowned for being a very easy instrument to learn, but that does not mean to imply that it is not worth learning, far from it! 

If you are totally new to the world of playing instruments, then the recorder can be an absolutely perfect place to start. One of the best things about the recorder is that it teaches you basic skills that are needed to be able to play just about any other instrument. 

In order to create sound with the instrument, you need to blow into one end, which helps you to learn breath control for other wind instruments. And in order for those sounds to become beautiful notes and chords, you will need to learn to control your fingers to put them into the right positions to get the right sound. 

The recorder also has a pleasant sound when you learn to play it, which can make learning it very satisfying and enjoyable. 

To Conclude

We hope we’ve managed to inspire you and help you feel more equipped to learn an instrument! Learning to play an instrument is very rewarding, and luckily, with these instruments, getting to that rewarding sense of growth and accomplishment does not take too long! 

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