5 Scholarships for Study Abroad Around the World 

Friday 10th Jun 2022 |

Studying abroad offers opportunities and challenges to students. While it has clear benefits, such as broadened horizons and meeting new people, it might involve additional costs and barriers to adjusting to local culture.   

The pandemic only made the challenges worse. According to NAFSA, the National Association for Foreign Student Affairs, it led to a 53% decline in the number of U.S. students studying abroad. It went down from about 350,000 to slightly over 160,000 students in 2019-2020. However, the numbers are starting to increase again as the pandemic continues to retreat.  

Hardly anyone has enough wherewithal to finance college studies abroad. Most students need scholarships to make it happen. We’ve reviewed the top 5 scholarships you should consider covering the cost of your tuition and accommodation. 

Clarendon Scholarships at the University of Oxford 

The University of Oxford is a dream destination for many students. It has been regularly included in the list of the world’s top 10 universities for a very long time. Clarendon offers more than 170 scholarships that fully fund your studies.  

No restrictions are set on nationality, residence, or area of study. The deadlines are usually set for the end of December or January.  

All full-time and part-time Ph.D. and Master’s courses are eligible. If you need support with your research assignments, you can always consider ordering a research paper for sale to complete your assignment. You’ll save lots of time and effort.  

CIEE Study Abroad Scholarships & Grants 

CIEE (the Council on International Educational Exchange) is a nonprofit organization supporting study abroad and intercultural exchange. It offers merit-based scholarships to students who can demonstrate financial need, academic merit, and eligibility for specific CIEE programs.  

Priority is given to minority students from the United States. Deadlines for applications vary by field of study and program. Applications should include academic achievements, a personal statement, recommendations, and evidence of financial need. 

Fulbright Foreign Student Program 

This is an exceptional opportunity for foreign students looking for graduate study options in the United States. The scholarship funds all costs, including tuition fees, accommodation, airfare, and living expenses. The program is normally announced in the spring.  

Applicants go through a multi-stage application process. Eligibility criteria and selection procedures vary by country. If invited to interviews, they have a higher chance of making it through. Students will need to comply with a 2-year home residency requirement. Upon graduation, they have to go back to their home countries.  

Fund for Education Abroad 

FEA scholarships are for U.S. students who have historically had fewer chances of studying abroad. They include students of color, disadvantaged communities, and first-generation students. The deadlines for applications are normally fixed toward the end of January or October, depending on the inception of the semester.  

Ashley Soulé Conroy Study Abroad Scholarship 

The Foundation was created in 2006. It aims to honor the life and achievements of Ashley Soulé Conroy. Scholarships are for U.S. citizens already enrolled in a college. To apply to abroad university, applicants must show evidence of at least 30 completed credit hours.  

Academic terms of study programs abroad must be longer than 14 weeks. Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 to be able to submit an application. 

Concluding Remarks 

Students planning to study abroad should seriously consider applying for scholarships to support their studies. They need to weigh all the pros and cons of each scholarship opportunity to determine which one meets their needs and interests best. There are lots of choices, and you should plan ahead to meet the deadline and choose one with the best odds. 


Joanne Elliot is an education analyst and professional writer. She has been analyzing trends in student migration, reviewing sources of financial aid, and advising students on the top university programs abroad. Joanne enjoys working with students, and she has lots of loyal social media followers benefiting from her easy-to-follow tips and practical advice.