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5 Reasons Why River Boats are the Best Way to Explore France

Monday 06th Jun 2022 |

River boating in France is the perfect way to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the country’s waterways.

As your boat glides along the scenic canals, you’ll discover the unspoiled beauty of the French countryside.

It’s a relaxing experience, especially if it includes indulging in delicious meals paired with a delectable French wine. Here are more reasons why riverboats are the best way to explore France.

  • A Luxury Experience 

You’ll enjoy a true luxury experience when you go river boat cruising in France. These boats are fitted with posh amenities, similar to a luxurious boutique hotel. Aside from the fully furnished suites, guests will also have access to a hot tub. A personal butler service will also be available onboard. There are also expert guides to take you on private excursions to some of France’s most beautiful riverside villages. Best of all, you will be treated to first-class meals with complimentary wine!

  • Peaceful Way to Visit French Cities 

River boating is one of the most relaxing and peaceful ways to explore some of the most beautiful French towns and villages. Several studies show that being surrounded by water promotes wellness by inducing relaxation. River boating allows you to get outside of your daily routines and leave your brains to reset. As your boat glides peacefully along the scenic canals of France, you will sit back and relax and watch the stunning views unfold.

  • Perfect for Wine Lovers 

Indulging in fine wine as you go river boating in France is a wonderful experience, especially for wine lovers. Some of the best river cruises in France will take you to the beautiful French wine regions, where you will have the opportunity to visit vineyards and go on a wine tour. Setting sail from Bordeaux, your cruise will take you to some of the country’s most famous wine-growing regions, sailing at the Dordogne Rivers and the Gironde Estuary. You’ll be visiting historical châteaux and scenic vineyards, then be treated to delicious wine tastings!

  • Food Lover’s Heaven 

One of the things that you can look forward to when river boating in France is the food. France is renowned worldwide for being the premier destination for fine dining, and the best way to experience this is on a riverboat. Not only will you be treated to delectable meals with French wine onboard, but your riverboat holiday will also take you to local French markets, where you get a peek into the local food scene and sample authentic French delicacies from Parmesan truffle fries to French crepes and pain au chocolat.

  • Romantic Way to Celebrate with a Partner 

France, specifically Paris, is a popular destination for romantic holidays, mainly because it exudes a romantic atmosphere. Besides, Paris won’t be called the “City of Love” for nothing. Your romantic getaway to France can become even more romantic if you go on a riverboat holiday. It’s even more suitable for mature couples celebrating their anniversary. Just imagine enjoying the peace and serenity of the tranquil river with your partner beside you! What could be more romantic than this?

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