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4 Things You Should Know About Washing Machines

Saturday 26th Feb 2022 |

Washing machines are a boon for modern society. They make our clothes clean and fresh, they give us more time in the day, and they’re just downright practical.

But there are some things you should know about your machine before you use it for the first time. Below is a list of four important things to keep in mind when using your washing machine.

Energy efficiency

Did you know that washing machines use a lot of energy? It’s estimated that washing just one load of laundry in an old top-loading machine can use as much as 90 kWh of electricity. Now imagine how much energy your family uses every day if everyone does a load of laundry. If you want to help save the environment and reduce your electric bill, consider buying a more modern, efficient front-loading washing machine. There are many models on the market today that have been labeled by experts meeting strict efficiency guidelines. Here is a great post to read about the top models available in the entire market in India. It shows the top and trending picks for 2022 with a selection of the nine best models to choose from. 

Silent operation

If you live in a small apartment with close neighbors if you have sleeping children that you don’t want to wake up then you should buy a washing machine that operates quietly. Modern top-loading machines are significantly quieter than the units made 20 years ago, but they still tend to be louder than most people would like. Front-loading washers were originally developed in Japan where apartment space is at a premium and noise is considered especially bothersome. The primary reason these units are so much quieter is because of their design; instead of having an agitator inside the drum, they use a specially designed impeller to gently toss clothing around while water shoots into the tub. 

Eco-friendly choices

If you want your washer to be eco-friendly then there are some simple things you can do. One of the best ways is by making sure you only use cold water whenever possible for most loads of laundry, especially in summer times. Always remember to check on tags or care instructions included in jeans, towels, T-shirts, etc before putting them in the washer. As mentioned earlier, you should think about buying a front-loading washing machine to maximize efficiency, but if that isn’t possible then opt for one of the new eco settings on your top-loading model. Also, be aware that many high-efficiency washers have trouble removing certain stains so don’t just wash everything together without taking out the heavy-duty fabrics first. This will not only save energy but also time as you won’t have to wait for each load to complete its cycle before putting in the next items.

Name of the brand & model number

When shopping around for any appliance there are two things you should know beforehand: the name of the brand and model number. It’s important because not all appliances produced by the same company are the same. There might be minor differences or even significant ones, so knowing the model number will ensure you’re getting precisely what you need. When buying appliances online make sure to check for any available reviews from past customers, ask about the product specifications if you have questions, and try using a price comparison tool to find the best price possible. These simple steps can help reduce anxiety while shopping for any appliance, but it’s particularly important when researching washing machines.

Most washing machines made today are Energy Star compliant. This means that they use more energy-efficient components, have larger tubs to hold more clothes, and are programmed with special cycles to make them more efficient. There are also special features that allow the machine to pause mid-cycle when it senses there is no new laundry to add, thus saving on idle time. If you know these four things before purchasing your washing machine then you’re already on your way to becoming an informed consumer who gets just what they want.

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