4 Incredible Expeditions for Adventure Seeking CEOs 

Tuesday 03rd May 2022 |

When CEOs go for a holiday, they would prefer to visit new and exciting destination spots allowing them to fully enjoy their time away from work. And the more adventurous ones would rather go to adrenaline-filled destinations that will bring out their inner daredevil. 

If you need tips on where to go, here are some of the most incredible expeditions for adventure-seeking CEOs.

  • Darien Gap Expedition 

The Darien Gap is a remote swathe of jungle lying on the border of Panama and Colombia. It is believed to be the drug smuggling corridor between the two countries and is rarely explored by outsiders. Thrill-seeking CEOs might be interested in exploring this remote part of the world. It’s a mysterious area filled with rare wildlife, exotic plants, and dangerous paramilitary groups. 

When exploring the Darien Gap, it’s highly recommended that you hire a guide. Choose an expert naturalist who is familiar with the area. He should have local connections and wide knowledge of the Darien Gap to ensure that you are well-informed during the entire journey. Before you go on with your epic jungle trekking expedition, your guide will teach you some jungle survival skills.

  • Jungle Expedition in Burma 
The temples of bagan, Mandalay, Myanmar.

Now called Myanmar, Burma is a Southeast Asian country home to thousands of Buddhist temples and gorgeous natural sights. Burma’s panoramic mountain views are absolutely spectacular. As you explore its lush jungles, you’ll be amazed by its diverse scenery and interesting variety of wildlife. 

Your jungle hiking expedition in Burma will include climbing Mount Saramati, where you’ll be rewarded with the most epic views of Burma and India from its summit. Lying along the Indian border, in a geographically isolated region of Nagaland, Mount Saramati is a prominent peak on mainland Southeast Asia, and conquering its peak is a dream for many adventurous travellers in Asia.

  • Kurdistan Expedition 

Kurdistan is a place of breathtaking scenery with stunning mountains and fascinating history. While Kurdistan has been the centre of political conflict for many centuries, it’s now a stable place to visit and an ideal destination for adventurous CEOs. 

On your epic expedition to Kurdistan, you’ll climb Mount Halgurd. This snow-covered mountain is the highest climbable peak in Kurdistan’s Zagros ranges. Aside from climbing Mount Halgurd, the expedition will also take you to local villages where you can experience the rich and interesting culture of the Kurdish people.

  • Madagascar Expedition 

Madagascar’s dense forests, surreal limestone, and uncharted rivers are now opening their doors to adventurous travellers. Going for a multi-day trek is one of the best ways to really explore Madagascar’s prehistoric landscapes. 

Your epic expedition to the island of Madagascar will start by trekking to the summit of Pic Boby. At 2,658 metres, it’s Madagascar’s second-highest mountain. Then, you’ll descend into the valleys and forests while passing through local trails or forging new routes through dense vegetation before arriving at a remote jungle river, where your second challenge will begin. While onboard inflatable rafts, you’ll navigate through granite highlands and rolling lowlands before arriving at Madagascar’s eastern shores.

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