3 Tips for Smoking Hemp: Is It Legal and Safe? 

Monday 28th Mar 2022 |

Did you know CBD from hemp flowers could be useful in helping people get off opioids? This is only one of the substance’s many ways advocates claim it aids those with needs including pain management, stress relief, and help with sleep.  

Hemp’s THC-containing counterpart, marijuana, is also a cannabis variant. While it’s long made headlines as a smokable herb, smoking hemp flower is an increasingly popular way to use CBD these days. 

Take a look at these simple tips and must-know facts about smoking CBD-rich hemp flower. 

  1. Don’t Puff or Give Up Too Quickly

First-time users trying CBD or cannabis products sometimes feel they do nothing. Those people should give it another shot if they’re still interested. For whatever reason, it takes some smokers a couple of goes to feel cannabis’ properties. 

Another cause of one-and-done hemp smokers is coughing up a lung after smoking too quickly. The body needs time to adjust, so newbies should take it slow. Patient users are much more likely to benefit from smoking hemp. 

  1. Try Hemp Flower Instead of Marijuana

Along with its therapeutic potential, smoking CBD flower can help marijuana smokers take breaks, stop, or just cut back. 

CBD from hemp can temper the psychogenic effects of THC. Further, smoking hemp feels like smoking marijuana. The only different thing is a lack of THC. 

For those reasons, it’s easy for marijuana users to take up hemp as an alternative or addition. 

  1. Use a Sploof for Less Smell

The smell of cannabis smoke is divisive: A lit joint—whether marijuana or hemp—is as yummy as aromatic cookies to some, but like a skunk’s spray to others. 

Everyone has their preferences, but the issue becomes more serious when it causes household drama. Smoking CBD flower is possible in a divided household by using a good sploof: a handheld filter for exhaling. 

Is Smoking Hemp Safe? 

The safety of hemp smoking is relative: People who smoke only once in a while feel few to no negative effects. Chain smokers and people with lung conditions may have different experiences. 

All smoke leaves particles behind, but hemp is much safer than cigarettes. Cigarettes with additives are toxic, while pure hemp isn’t. 

Smoking isn’t wise for those with pulmonary conditions. It’s also not recommended for people who are pregnant or could be soon. A doctor can help determine whether smoking hemp is a good idea. 

Worry not if you want to try CBD without smoking. Other ways to consume hemp include CBD edibles, tinctures, and salves. 

Is Hemp Legal to Smoke? 

Wherever all cannabis is legal, users can smoke hemp without problems. Where there’s only medical marijuana, license-holders can. Sometimes, when only CBD is legal, laws limit products to oils and/or tinctures. 

Other CBD-only areas allow smoke on paper, but be careful smoking hemp in areas without legal marijuana. It smells the same and could attract unwanted attention. 

Enjoy the Good Life With More Lifestyle Tips 

Everyone thinking of smoking hemp should know this information before they get started. Using these tips lends the best chances of success with hemp CBD products. 

Now that you know how to benefit from CBD, click on another article to learn something new! 

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