Shed Organisation Ideas

3 Garden Shed Organisation Ideas 

Thursday 23rd Dec 2021 |

Have you ever looked at that shed you have and wondered why you’ve even got it? The bikes in there haven’t been used in so long they’re just a collection of rust, and don’t get me started on the tools. He may say he can change a pipe: he can’t.  

Instead, why not clear out that shed and get some better use out of it. Let’s face it, as Brits, any time in the garden is spent exclusively through May to July so why not use the one piece of shelter out there as a means of enjoying the garden without getting soaked or frozen?  

There are lots of ideas you can do to make use of that shed, but these are our top picks. Read on for all the details.  

Shed Organisation Ideas – Home bar 

Stick those bikes in self storage and let’s have some fun. It might have been the fact that all the pubs were shut, or it might have been our culture of socialising entirely built around drinking, but somehow the idea of a home bar took off. While some people were stockpiling toilet roll, others were panic buying wood to make themselves landlords of their own home.  

And it’s a great idea. Make every after dinner an event as you settle into your cosy shed, complete with a bar and lounge.  

Add a fridge, a space heater, some storage for the bottles, and some squashy chairs and you will have the best place to socialise.  

Your bar can simply be a breakfast bar transported into the shed. Add a few stools and a beer tap and keg for the ultimate bar experience.  

Then there is decorating it. Do you want an old-fashioned British pub? A tiki bar full of cocktails? Or a classy, sophisticated bar that you could see Bond ordering a martini in? It’s up to you.   

Shed Organisation Ideas – Home cinema 

We all want a home cinema. That is obvious by the cinema industry running around like headless chickens, scared of the almighty streaming service. But they need not worry. The experience isn’t there yet. You’re watching on a laptop screen, interruptions all around, the gap between the curtains impossible to close completely. Wouldn’t you rather stay focussed on the screen at the cinema? 

Well, maybe you can make the experience in your shed? If you have a windowless shed you won’t have to worry about light leaking in, and the separation from the rest of the house will allow you to relax and focus on the movie. Plus, there is the addition of the superior food that doesn’t take a remortgage to buy and the fact that you can watch in your jammies.  

Although our TVs are getting impressively big nowadays, for the true big screen experience, you will need a projector. This is another area where the shed is preferable. You won’t need to take all the ornaments and artwork off the wall to have a blank screen to project on.  

Shed Organisation Ideas – Home away from home 

This really comes down to what makes you the most comfortable. You can take elements from the first two options and add to them.  

Reduce your bar down to a bar trolley and enjoy a drink in your shed. Add your squashy chairs and a space heater for a place where you can enjoy a good book. Add a stereo speaker if listening to the rain coming down is sending you to sleep. Or add a blanket if that is exactly the point.  

Keep a notebook nearby if your passion is writing or drawing, and before you know it you will have a little slice of heaven that will give you a well earned break from the rest of the household.  

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