11 Fantastically Adventurous Hobbies To Try Out And How To Finance Them  

Thursday 07th Jul 2022 |

Finding a new hobby that really captures your interests can be difficult. Some of the most exciting and adventurous pursuits can also be the most expensive, so you should factor in your budget and financing options when trying to find a new adventurous hobby. There are also ways to mitigate the costs of some pricier hobbies, so it is a good idea to know your options.   

It is always a good idea to try out new hobbies before you commit to them financially. Most hobby clubs offer trial sessions or periods where prospective members can try out the hobby and get a feel for it. This can be a great way to test the waters and see if the pursuit is for you. If you enjoy it, you could start spending a little more on the hobby but put off investing large sums for a few weeks at least.   

Adventurous Hobbies To Try Out – Scuba Diving  

Exploring underwater areas can be a magical and exciting experience. There are scuba clubs throughout the UK that can help you get your start and which will be able to provide you with loaner equipment. There are also courses available to help you learn the key skills needed to become a safe and competent scuba diver. With any water-based hobby, there are risks involved, so you will need to take scuba safety very seriously.   

Adventurous Hobbies To Try Out – Hang Gliding  

Hang gliding involves strapping into a lightweight, non-motorised aircraft launched from height, either from a hill or cliff or towed by a larger aircraft. The craft is then controlled by the pilot using their weight to change the direction of the craft using the control bar. You’ll need proper instruction to hang glide safely, which can be pricy.   

To buy a hang glider, you’re looking at an investment of several thousand pounds. You’ll also need the right equipment and tools to be safe while you glide. Some retailers offer financing options that can be beneficial for anyone who wants to get into the hobby but who doesn’t have the money to finance it all in one go.   

Adventurous Hobbies To Try Out – Mountain Biking  

Mountain biking can be incredible fun, allowing you to explore new places and master challenging cycling routes. You don’t necessarily need any training to start mountain biking, but you will need the right gear and equipment, most notably the bike itself and safety gear.   

Bikes can vary in cost, with the safest and best quality costing well into the thousands. If this is beyond your budget, you could consider joining a mountain biking club that provides bikes to its members. This usually comes with a fee, but it is significantly more affordable than a brand-new mountain bike.   

Adventurous Hobbies To Try Out – Music  

Learning to play an instrument can be a fantastic and rewarding hobby, but also a pricy one depending on the instrument you choose. New instruments will cost more; the more you pay, the better the quality. Instruments like recorders, ukuleles, and tambourines are often the cheapest, while the more expensive are larger and more complex such as pianos, harps and saxophones.   

You could consider getting lessons first, as many music teachers have instruments on hand for their students to play. Try out an instrument for a few weeks before you decide whether or not to continue, and try not to be discouraged if you aren’t an immediate maestro – even the greatest musicians in history had to start somewhere.   

Adventurous Hobbies To Try Out – Photography  

The cost of photography as a hobby can vary significantly. An excellent place to start could be with your smartphone, as you can learn the ropes of how to compose a good image even with the most basic camera. You can also learn more about lighting and how to use spaces to create the image you want. Taking a photography course can be beneficial, but many fantastic photographers are self-taught.   

If you want to invest in a camera, this is where the hobby gets pricy. There are cameras to suit many budgets, but if you’re serious about photography as a hobby, you’ll need to invest significantly. Choosing short-term financing could be a good way to do this. Consider getting some help from the brokers at Payday UK to help you find the right loan.   

Adventurous Hobbies To Try Out – Kayaking  

Kayaking is a hobby that can be as relaxing or exciting as you want it to be. There are many places throughout the UK where you can go kayaking, and you should research in advance to be certain kayaking is permitted in the area you’re visiting. It is a good idea to join a sailing club that offers kayaking, as they will be able to help you find a suitable place to kayak. They can also offer you the use of kayaks, saving you the cost of buying your own.   

Adventurous Hobbies To Try Out – Skydiving   

A popular option for thrill-seekers, skydiving is an exhilarating hobby. It is also a pretty pricy one, even if you’re part of a skydiving club. One great way to reduce the cost of skydiving could be to do regular charity skydives. You could also become certified in tandem skydiving and take others for their first skydiving experience.   

Adventurous Hobbies To Try Out – Spelunking  

Exploring underground caves may not be everyone’s idea of a good time, but it has remained incredibly popular as a hobby for a reason. Spelunking can be relatively simple and safe or more exciting and dangerous, depending on what you enjoy and how skilled you are. Most spelunking enthusiasts enjoy the chance to explore spaces that few have ever travelled. There are caving clubs throughout the UK which hire equipment out to spelunkers, making it a highly affordable hobby.   

Adventurous Hobbies To Try Out – Axe Throwing  

Axe throwing has recently seen a resurgence in popularity, largely as an activity for hen and stag parties. It can also be a great stress-busting hobby, letting you take out any inner tension on the target. There are axe-throwing centres throughout the UK, and it is best to keep this activity to an official centre rather than trying at home.   

Adventurous Hobbies To Try Out – Clay Pigeon Shooting  

For anyone who likes the idea of learning to shoot but doesn’t like the idea of shooting living creatures, clay pigeon shooting could be the perfect choice. You can pay for a one-off clay pigeon shooting experience to see if you enjoy it, and if you do, there are clubs throughout the UK you could join. There are national and international competitions you could enter if you enjoy the sport and want to test your skills.  

You can borrow a gun from most clay pigeon shooting grounds, and they will also offer lessons. This can mount up in cost but can be well worth it. If you want to invest in your own gun, you’ll need to apply for a licence from the police, which will usually charge a fee.   

Adventurous Hobbies To Try Out – Horse Riding  

Horse riding is an excellent hobby for people who like to be active and explore the outdoors. It is also perfect for animal lovers, as you get quality one-to-one time with your horse. It is one of the most expensive activities out there, with weekly lessons alone mounting up to thousands over a year. If you want to buy your own horse, the expenses skyrocket.   

While the lessons and gear can be a pricy initial cost, you can still get plenty of time with horses by volunteering for a riding school or horse shelter. You could also find a part-time job within a stable or see if you can volunteer in exchange for lessons.   

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