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10 Proven Ways to Get Your Toddler Try New Foods Now! 

new foods for toddlers

Tired of tantrums from your toddler who just wouldn’t try to eat anything new? Here are ten ways to get your toddler to try new foods! 

Toddler tantrums are real and nobody knows it better than parents! You can face situations with your baby if they don’t get or like what they want. And that includes food as well. 

Since they are used to eating foods with similar tastes and textures, getting toddlers to try out new foods and enjoying them can be quite a task.  

There are many tricks you can apply to feed your toddler. You can use the foods they like, talk about food with them, and play with flavors.  

So let’s not waste any time and get to know the easy ways to help your toddler try new foods. 

Getting Your Toddler to Try New Foods  

If you have a picky eater at home, undoubtedly you have tried everything. Don’t worry as most toddlers’ parents are dealing with the same issue.  

Having a picky eater will have you stressed at every meal. You might be concerned about whether they are getting all the nutrition they need. However, making a plan for their diet might give you some relief. 

There are many practical preschool lunch ideas from which you can get the idea of planning meals. Other than that, there are some simple strategies that you can use for your planning your toddler’s meals.  

Children are always fond of trying new things. Maybe you can bring food variations, plan tiny portions, and involve the kids in cooking. That way your toddler will be more interested in food. 

But no matter how long you have been trying, never give up. Progress might be slow, but you will eventually expand their range of food over time. 

How to Help a Toddler Try New Foods: 10 Simple Steps 

To help your toddler try new foods, you need to make some changes. Not only in the food, but also in their daily meal routine. Use the following tips and tricks to move forward.  

Idea 1: Let your toddler get hungry 

It is very important for your child to get hungry before every meal. If you notice they are not excited about dinner, then change their snack routine. It is not a healthy practice to force-feed your child if they are not hungry.   

If your child is not feeling hungry at dinnertime, then snacks are the issue. Increase the time between their snacks and meals.   

In those cases, you need to change the snack time. If that doesn’t work, then you should change the menu. Fruits like red apples or beans work great as appetizers.  


Idea 2: Use Foods They Are Fond Of 

It is obvious that you know what your baby likes. Maybe they prefer chicken over vegetables. Maybe they like pasta more than rice or bread.  

Just combine pasta and chicken with a hint of vegetables. Add some vegetables or eggs to the burger that they love. Put a little chocolate powder in plain milk and see the magic.  

It’s always about customizing and inventing something new. Variation almost always does the trick. Just try to cover the foods they are not fond of with the ones they love.  

If your child is stubborn about trying new foods, put something familiar on the plate too. That way, your child will not be hesitant to start eating.  

Idea 3: Offer Tiny Portions 

Being able to handle their food portions is really important for toddlers. Large portions are intimidating for them. If they are scared just looking at the food, then it will definitely be difficult to get them to eat it. 

And if you fill the plate with unfamiliar food, the situation will be worse. They are more likely to try food in smaller portions.   

Maybe two slices of apple, some carrots, a slice of cheese, and a spoon of yogurt are all that they can take. As a parent, you might find the portions too small. But if they are interested and enjoying it, it will be beneficial. 

Idea 4: Talk to Them About Food 

The variation of foods you serve them is different in color potion and sizes. Talk to them about the food color, origin, texture, and vitamins. Try to tell them something interesting about each food. 

Maybe your child is not very fond of fish. You can make up a story about the fish to get your toddler interested in it. 

Colors are a really interesting feature of vegetables. Try to add vegetables of their favorite color and discuss them with your child. This way your toddler might develop some interest in the food they wouldn’t previously eat.   

Idea 5: Introduce Them to Food Outside 

It might sound peculiar, but sometimes taking the kid outside and introducing new foods there works great. Take your kid to the garden and introduce the different vegetables to them. Involve them in gardening. 

Try to involve them in picking the vegetables for their meals. When they learn how they grow, they will be more interested in them.   

If they are interested in food, take them to the garden and talk to them about the vegetables, nutrients, and energy.   

That way they will be more interested in food. 

Idea 6: Don’t Force Them to Eat 

It is very important for parents to know how to encourage their children to eat. Sometimes pushing them will cause the opposite result. It depends on the personality of your toddler and what motivates them.  

Maybe your child is one of those who will push back when you push them to eat. Let them figure out how much they want to consume. You take control of the menu and the portion sizes.  

Maybe your toddler does not like having so much food at a time. In that case, divide the food into smaller portions and feed them at more frequent intervals without forcing it on them.  

Idea 7: Let Them Witness You Enjoying Your Food 

It has already been proven that your child will follow in your footsteps. If your toddler sees you eating your food and enjoying it, they might get interested.  

Time your meals together so that they see how much you enjoy your food.  

That way they will be more inclined to enjoy their meal. Also, involve them in talking so that they take bites in between talking.   

They love when you share things with them. You can use this to get them to try new things.  

Idea 8: Plan The Menu Together 

Involving kids in any kind of decision-making makes them more interested. When you plan their meal together, they get to pick among different options. That way they already have an interest. 

Try to incorporate foods that they love as well as some new choices. If they have some of their favorites, then they will most likely try your choices too.   

Idea 9: Cut the Monotony of Flavor  

Although vegetables should be simple and should not be made with a lot of spices, kids are not fond of boring flavors. Even if they like something, they will get tired of it if you give it to them continuously.   

Some herbs or sauce won’t kill the nutrition of your healthy recipes. Rather it will add some interesting flavor to your kid’s palates. This way, they will still get the nutrition as well as enjoy the food.  

In fact, do not make every meal full of vegetables and stuff you want them to try. Plan a cheat day for them once a week. Let them eat whatever they want to have on that one day. 

Idea 10: Never Quit Trying 

The key to making your children eat is to never quit. Even if your toddler refuses to try something five or ten times, never give up. Keep trying to get them to try it, even if it’s just a tiny bit. 

You must think about the future, not about the fact that they don’t like it. If you quit trying, it might be easier at the moment,  but they will be missing those particular nutrients.   

Keep offering the new food even if they refuse it every time. Eventually, they may get interested in it. Just don’t quit.  

Final Thoughts 

Trying new things is something that is daunting for everyone so it’s no surprise that your kid might scrunch their nose at something unfamiliar.  

Just relax and try implementing these ten proven ways to get your toddler to try new foods. You’d be amazed at the results! Mind you, you need to have plenty of patience though. 

With enough attempts, your toddler will soon be asking for new foods and enjoying the walks in the kitchen garden! 

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